Our friend Tyler is at rest.

$2,105raised of $5,000 goal

Beneficiary: Kim Irwin Organizer: Mike Dixon

Tyler was taken from us suddenly. There are so many things left unsaid, undone, and unanswered. Please join in and help in any way you can. With the financial responsibility being placed on Kim Irwin (Tylers Mother), we are trying to lighten the load as much as possible through donations from anyone willing to help.

The memorial service, Tylers truck, credit cards, remainder of the lease on his apartment, and other outstanding bills still need paid. Not to mention the travel back and forth 3 hours each way Kim has made, and will be making to settle affairs, eat, sleep, and time away from her regular duties.... these are all things that we are trying to raise money for through this site. Anyone that wishes to donate for tylers jeep, please donate here as well. After the family is taken care of, the remainder of the donations will be used to finish his rig.
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