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Nicholas J Sell Memorial Fund

$5,463raised of $10,000 goal

Organizer: Nick's Family Beneficiary: Sell Family

In memory of Nicholas James Sell, your contributions will go toward renovations of the Boy Scouts of America Camp McLoughlin where Nick spent his childhood summers volunteering.

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Nick is a testament of a young, determined and upright moral American man, serving his community and country to his fullest. Many friends and family in his hometown are deeply affected by the loss of Nick.

He was on "loan" as a mechanic with another AAV unit for Pre- Deployment exercises at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center when he was tragically killed in a training accident. He had approximately one year left on his Marine Corp. contract and had volunteered for a second deployment overseas affective sometime early 2014.

He had a previous deployment to Afghanistan; in return earning himself Afghanistan Campaign Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and Sea Service Deployment Ribbon. Prior to serving in the Marine Corp., Nick grew up in the small, true, “hometown America” town of Eagle Point, OR.

His father and mother own and operate Valley Feed and Pet Supply. Nick's mother is also a member of the City Council in Eagle Point. Together, both parents, volunteered countless hours to Cub Scout's and Boy Scout's of America where Nicholas and his middle brother Jeffrey, both earned the title of an Eagle Scout. The past few years Nick has been stationed at the Marine Corp Base Camp Pendleton, CA. At the end of his Marine Corps career, Nick looked forward to attending a gunsmithing school in Colorado.

Nick liked snowboarding, country music, outdoor activities and being with family. Nick had looked forward to attending a Jason Aldean concert October 18th, and had pre- Purchased tickets to attend with friends and family members of So. California. His seat will remain empty, but we know an angel will be watching over head.

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by Nick's Family
Please pray for all of the friends and family of the Sells as they travel in and prepare physically and emotionally for tomorrow. Thank you for the outpouring of support and love you have shown us all!

by Nick's Family

Funds will likely be donated to the organizations that helped form Nick's childhood memories and experiences to make him into the incredible man he became so that those organizations can continue affecting young lives in a positive manner.

by Nick's Family
Nick Sell's memorial service will be held Thursday September 26, 2013 at 10 am at the Trail Christian Fellowship in Shady Cove, Oregon. Everyone is invited, please share.

by Nick's Family
If anyone as any photos of Nick that they want shared, please send them to: Thank you!





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