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Mom Audrey's Gravestone

$470raised of $3,500 goal

Organizer: Jennifer Ries Beneficiary: Jennifer Ries for Mom's Gravestone

My precious Mom Audrey needs urgent funding to pay for her Gravestone- including cemetary placing fee. Her gravestone needs to be paid soon! Please help! Thank you. God Bless you, Jennifer xx

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Hello Friends & Family,

My precious Mom & best friend in this whole world-Audrey P. Candor needs her gravestone in the shape of a cross paid for very we can lay her to rest respectfully.

Thank you & God Bless you. Love always, Jennifer xx
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by Jennifer Ries
Hello Loving Family & Friends-you know who you are:

Thank you for all your love, prayers & spiritual support.
It absolutely means the world to me & I don't know what I would do without you.
You know my Mom would be so touched by all your love for her just pouring out.

I am still praying for some additional help with my Mom Audrey's headstone-
it will be in the beautiful shape of a Cross-as she told me she wanted it to be one day. 
If you are able to help with even the smallest donation-please know that there is no such
thing as a small donation. May God Bless you.

It will finished in about 4 months & you can call me for the location if you want to visit.
My Mother was put to rest at a beautiful place.

Love & Blessings,
Jennifer xx

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by Jennifer Ries
Thank you beautiful family & friends for your help...may God Bless you.
I still need to raise money for my Mom's gravestone please.
Jennifer xx
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