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Memorial for Andrew Richardson

$60,011raised of $60,000 goal

Organizer: Friends Beneficiary: Marisa Richardson

Please help support Andrew Richardson's wife Moe and young son Bronson during this difficult time and in the days to come.

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Andy was a beloved father, husband, son, brother, bandmate, role model, and friend. We will never fully understand his struggles or why this happened, but we can offer support to the people closest to him. Sadly, his wife of 7 years and 3 year old son are left to pick up the pieces. Complicating Moe's profound grief are the financial realities that she will now have to face. Please donate if you can, any amount helps.

Moe has shared the following words: 

We are truly in shock. I can't even believe this to be true. But it is. Andrew Richardson is the love of my life. Everything he did was for Bronson and I. He is the most amazing dad. I am so lucky to have had almost 12 years with my man. I am heartbroken that Bronson only had 3. Andrew loved all his friends and family so much. He would help anyone at anytime. Our plan was to spend the rest of our life together raising Bronson. I have no idea what to do next or what our life will be like. Right now I am trying to process and be strong for our boy.
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