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"Marty's March" In Memory of Marty T. Kent

$3,521raised of $10,000 goal

Organizer: Robin Kent Jones Beneficiary: Robin Kent Jones

"Take A Stand" against violence and join us at the 2nd annual "Marty's March" Join the Kent family as we March in Memory of Marty and so many more victims that has been lost to senseless violence!

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Our precious Brother Marty was shot to death 1/2/13. Murdered on our Fathers doorsteps and died in our fathers arms. Marty was a wonderful person, loved by so many. He was scheduled to graduate high school in a few short months. He recently purchased his class ring and was excited to pursue his future. Sadly a killer stole his life away. We started this fundraiser to help cover funeral and burial expenses. Marty has a huge family. Dad, Mom plus 4 Sisters 4 Brothers 15 nieces & nephews and countless aunts uncles and cousins. After Marty's murder we as a family realized the immediate need in our own communities to take a stand against violence. We have created Marty's March! This is a peaceful march in Marty's memory to unite family, friends, community and other victims of violence. Join us as we take a stand at Marty's March 2013. Saturday March 16th at 11am. Place: 3700 McHenry Ave. Modesto , Ca. We appreciate all of the calls , prayers & warm wishes. Your support is appreciated. God Bless & Thank You! Join Marty's March on Facebook or visit us at!! Together we can make a difference....
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by Robin Kent Jones
Ok friends and family... Marty's March is coming up 7/12/14. (Martys Birthday) Fundraising is starting and supplies being ordered. We need you're help..connect with us on facebook if you have time to give, or give us a call. Thanks-Kent Family

by Robin Kent Jones
It has been a little over 6n months since our Brother Marty was murdered in Modesto California. The family is together, working on healing and moving forward. Please join us for the 2nd annual "Marty's March" in Modesto. Exact dates and details will be announced. Please join us on facebook- search for the Marty's March group or visit Marty's website at The websites provides all the links you need to facebook, victims resources and more. Please feel free to share your own story, or leave comments for the family. Together we can make a difference.

by Robin Kent Jones
Marty's March is getting closer. We can use all the help we can get with flyers, posters, invitations ect. Most importantly we need the presence of family, friends and community. As we get closer to the memorial there are many exspenses to cover. You're donations are an extreme blessing and will help us to Take A Stand!!

by Robin Kent Jones
Marty's March 2013 will be Saturday March 16th at 11 am. We will start at 3700 McHenry Modest (McHenry Bowl) Join us as we take a stand against violence and unite family, friends community and other victims of violence. Together we will make a difference.... Please share the Marty's March info. and help spread the word. Join the Marty's March Group on Facebook Visit us at Become a sponsor!!! Every penny helps & every voice counts...

by Robin Kent Jones
My Brother Martys' service was beautiful. It was amazing to us to see so many lives that he touched. Again, we thank you all for the love and support. We are working to relocate the family from their home to a safer place and away from the constant reminder of Martys' Murder. We are also working on raising Reward Money that will be offered for the information to arrest and convict Martys' Killer.
We are starting a March For Marty. Family , friends ,neighbors, supporters and anyone who as ever lost someone to violence is asked to join us. We have created a page on Face Book named March For Marty. Please add yourself and we will keep you updated with dates and times. This will be a peaceful March to create awareness and impact our community. One day I hope my Brothers story will reach a Nation and help save lives. He is a Hero and it is our desire that his life and his story is not soon forgotten.





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