Lydia Kizziar Memorial Fund

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Beneficiary: Lydia Kizziar Memorial Fund Organizer: Liz Smith

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FAMILY UPDATE- Katie was able to come home Tuesday evening and is doing well.  Tonight's viewing or "wake" was full of family and friends paying their respects to the Kizziar family.  The memorial service tomorrow will be a time to pray and worship and support them in a tangible way.  Click here to view the obituary:
DONATION UPDATE-Through your generosity, we reached beyond the goal of $20,000 in less than 50 hours. I can't even believe it.  It's humbling. We began this fundraising page to assist those that know and love the family to give in a quick and efficient way.  We never expected the outpouring of love from those in the community that heard the story and connected to it without personal relationship.  With deep sincerity, we want to thank you for your care and concern.  Once the funeral concludes tomorrow, we will all return to our responsibilities and distractions.  The Kizziar family will go back to a new reality.  6 instead of 7.  An empty chair at dinner, one less head to count when heading off to church.  And the financial need will remain through the process of finding employment for Max.  Yes, we reached $20,000, but please know that was always an arbitrary number.  Having never set up an online giving source before, we just guessed!  There is no way to put a number on pain, nor a timeline on unemployment, right? We are not going to adjust the goal. So search and pray, then give as you feel led.  Thank you ****

The Kizziar family is in need of financial blessings to help with the cost of care and funeral expenses for the passing of their sweet, young daughter, Lydia. They are unemployed, recently, and also their youngest daughter, Katie, is still in the hospital from the same illness that took their sweet Lydia.

Please give as you feel led.  The Kizziar's are the kind of people that would be the first to offer their love and help to others in need.  Let's be His hands and feet to them TODAY.

With Sincere Thanks,
Liz Smith
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