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This specific portion of the fundrasier has closed!! However anyone can still participate in spreading the word and furthering the cause!  Please go to for shirts, bracelets, amazing and inspiring stories, and to donate. The movement lives on THROUGH YOU!



Friends and incredibly extended family of Eric around the world:

Eric's odyssey on Earth has come to an end. He was surrounded by his closest friends and more importantly his family before moving on. 

Eric leaves behind a legacy. He leaves inspiration. When he wanted something, he went and got it. He opened his mouth and made things happen. The reason his journey was so successful was because he had the courage to ask, and the guts to try! Eric took very calculated risks, he was never reckless.

At this time, we know that Eric is not resting in peace. In fact, I never saw him rest once. Not even on the top of Kilimanjaro! It wasn't his style! Whereever he is now, and whatever he's doing, he's doing it big! 

So the legacy he leaves behind? 


That bucket list? start marking things off. Open your mouth. Learn about someone else. when you mark things off, move on to the next. People said Eric was "lucky" that he got to do the things he did. The truth is that Eric was determined. He made a plan made it happen! What are you waiting for? 

Here's a toast to a man we all envy, and who teaches us what life is REALLY about! Go forth, you beautiful person, and LIVE LIKE ERIC!


This is an opportunity for his friends around the globe that feel so helpless right now to help out a little bit. Even just a tiny tiny offering will help his family SO much. 

It's the least we can do, since they so willingly shared their amazing son with all of us!

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