Keith Mohler, A Legacy: Animal, Vegetable... and Musical

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The Philadelphia Inquirer called Keith Mohler "a towering figure in animal protection in Pennsylvania for a quarter century." He lived a remarkably large life and the forces he set in motion will continue. His legacy is in the jazz played by his colleagues and the animal cruelty law enforcement community he helped shape.  

But he was also a very private person.  Few knew that when Keith died on July 29th, it was the day of his planned marriage to the love of his life, Laura Roberts. Wedding rings were made and Bobbie Carmitchell was scheduled to serenade the newlyweds from the hallway outside his hospital room; It was fitting that a musical performance was to be improvised for one of the most important moments of their lives.

Laura lost the love of her life that day.  But if Keith had lived for only a few more hours, Laura would have gained a husband and a greatly improved legal and financial status.  Laura faces many hurdles in the coming months carrying on the life she and Keith started years ago. Hopefully, she will eventually have access to some funds generated by the July 17th Ware Center benefit and to anything remaining of Keith's estate.

However that will take place only after the medical providers are satisfied.  Please keep in mind that six months in and out of the hospital (much of it in the ICU) and the costs of his struggle recuperating from multiple surgeries have greatly depleted any funds and escalated his debt.  Keith was only able to work less than two weeks during that time.  Laura worked very reduced hours in order to care for him.  A busy musician and animal protector enriches the world but not himself - at least not in a financial sense.

Animal welfare organizations and the Central Pennsylvania Friends of Jazz have been mentioned as appropriate avenues for giving; they were very important to Keith.  However, no one was closer to his heart than Laura and no one will have a tougher time in the coming months dealing with his loss. If you can, please help lighten the load that Laura is carrying. Any donation will be appreciated!  Laura and furry family Mina, Charlie, Spider and Dustin thank you for your generosity.
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