In Loving Memory of Shannon Kleeman

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Beneficiary: Combs/Kleeman family Organizer: Joshua Combs

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Shannon was one of those people who always had a smile on her face, no matter what. All she cared about in life was making people happy, loving her family and tring to put a smile on others faces. We lost her smile Thursday March 27th 2014, Shannon was  caring for the pets of her sick step mother who was in the hospital, when she was murderd for no reason at all. We will never get to see her beautiful smile again, and for that my heart breaks. Shannon seen alot of pain in her short 21 years. She lost her mother at 5 years old, and she lost her father just a few years ago. She is survived by her two sisters Crystal and Brandy, and by myself her brother. This all happen very unexpectedly and as we are tring to wrap our heads around what has happen, we are also scrambling to put the money together for her funeral. So any contributions large or small are more than greatly appreciated. My family thanks you, and I thank you.
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