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In Honor of Marnite Shuford, mother of Clayton Perry, Jr.

$4,855raised of $5,000 goal

Organizer: Friends of Clayton Perry Beneficiary: Clayton R. Perry Jr.

In honor of Clayton Perry's mother.

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On Friday, May 17, 2013, Clayton Perry's mother unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack. Clayton, who is an only child, is currently unemployed and has been battling serious health issues. His mother was his primary care giver. The same morning that Clayton discovered his mom, she was scheduled to go with him to check himself into the hospital for care.

This unexpected tragedy has placed Clayton in a very difficult position to cover his mother's funeral expenses and his basic needs.  Ms. Shuford's funeral will be held in Charlotte, N.C. on Saturday, May 25, 2013 at Grier Funeral Home, 115 John McCarroll Ave, Charlotte, NC 28216. The visitation will be at 11:30am and the service will begin at 12:00pm.

In lieu of flowers, Clayton has requested monetary donations in honor of his mother. A gift in any amount from friends and family would be greatly appreciated. 

If you have any questions, please contact Ayofemi Kirby at 

Thank you.
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by Friends of Clayton Perry
7/12/2013: my scheduled discharge date from the [rehabilitation] hospital! WOO-HOO! I can't wait to thank each and every one of you personally. MUCH LOVE...
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by Friends of Clayton Perry
After a 9-day stint in the hospital (May 22 - 30) and six glorious days at home, a severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic brought me to ICU on June 6. Out of the unit, but recovering and in need of physical therapy. Continue to pray for me saints.
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by Friends of Clayton Perry
I am in awe of all the support received over the past few weeks. My mother's passing was such an emotional blow, and my 9-day stint in the hospital tested my physical and psychological endurance. The upcoming months will be hard, but your contributions have alleviated many of my worries and confirmed that I am LOVED! Words truly cannot express my gratitude.
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