Help our mother in her final days

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Beneficiary: The Booe Family Organizer: Tony Booe

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About a year ago our mother discovered that she had Cholangiocarcinoma ( and was only given a few months to live. Instead of giving up she fought and has done everything in her power to help create memories for my sister, her grandkids and I.  This May our father learned he had lung cancer. We lost him August 18th. 

Our family isn't wealthy. We aren't even comfortable. My mom did what she could as we grew up and usually did it on $300 a month. Unfortunately, we do not have the safety netthat a life insurance policy provides many families. Therefore, my sister and I are faced with the daunting task of paying for our mother's last weeks and all of the costs that arise after she dies. 

What I'm asking is simple. We have no way to cover the costs of her funeral once she dies and my sister has exhausted what money she has trying to take care of our mom while trying to maintain some sort of normalcy for her children. Anything you can find in your heart to help will be very much appreciated and used for the funeral services and costs associated with caring for our mom. Anything extra will go to my sister to help her with bills and care for her children.  
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