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Organizer: Yitzchak Meyer Twersky Beneficiary: Grand Rabbi Mordechai Yisrael Twersky of Khotin - Torah Fund

A Sefer Torah (Torah Scroll) has been comissioned in memory of our grandfather, Grand Rabbi Mordechai Yisrael Twersky of Khotin. who was murdered by the Nazis in 1941. He is interred in a Mass Grave outside of the Khotin city limits along with his son Aharon and 57 other Kedoshim (Martyrs).

The Torah Scroll is a travel scroll (5" high) was to be completed in the city of Khotin, Ukraine in October of 2014. Due to the political situation in Ukraine, the Torah will be completed IY"H in New Square, NY on Thursday November 27th.

This project is not a fundraiser, but to cover the costs of the writing of the torah, which will be written by a scribe in Israel over a one year period on special parchment.

I am hopeful, that all cousins, extended family, neighbors and friends will participate in this tremendous mitzva. All donations are welcome, dedications are also available for:

Silver Eitz Chaim - Donated by The Muchnik Family, Australia
Torah Crown -
Torah Belt -
Torah Cover -
Torah Pointer - Donated by Anonymous

Thank you for your consideration!

Yitz Twersky


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