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Denise Lowry's Burial

$267raised of $3,000 goal

Organizer: LeAnna Lowry Beneficiary: LeAnna Lowry

This page is for dontations for the burial of a beloved mother, Denise Lynn Lowry.

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At the young age of 45, our mother Denise Lynn Lowry passed away unexpectedly while she slept.  Denise leaves behind both of her parents and all of her brothers and sisters as well as two daughters.  As the high costs of funerals continue to rise, our family is just hoping to bury Denise near her daughters, while the service is being held at our church.  All donations are welcome and we thank you for your prayers.
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by LeAnna Lowry
We have decided that instead of a burial we will be doing a cremation for my mother. Thank you everyone for your prayers and kind words.
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