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David Plassmann Memorial Fund

$7,100raised of $7,000 goal

Organizer: Friends and loved ones of David Plassmann Beneficiary: David Plassmann Memorial Fund

Dave loved animals, service members, and karate. Let's honor his memory by supporting some good causes in his name. We love you Dave.

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Growing up in a rural area an hour from Chicago, a big part of Dave's childhood was the animals he cared for. Dave was especially fond of his rabbits and dogs. The Plassmann family has graciously decided to honor Dave by forwarding donations to the Chicago branch of Pets Helping Vets, a registered nonprofit organization that matches and trains rescue and shelter animals for homes of veterans with conditions. Many of Dave's friends have returned from overseas and many have cherished animals of their own. Dave did both as well. Whether it was with Barley, Mika, Charlie, Alize', or his rabbits, all who saw Dave could see the kind spirit with which he treated animals. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals, and you could tell a lot about Dave too. Let’s do some good for our shelter animals and our veterans. Let’s do some good for Dave.

We are still looking for ways to potentially benefit Dave's hometown karate centers, while ensuring Dave's family is taken care of as well. Thanks for all your help.

Tonight was an emotional first day and it was matched by a wonderful outpouring of love from Dave's friends and family. Can we reach $2000? I think we can.

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by Friends and loved ones of David Plassmann
Surrounded by friends and family yesterday, Dave was laid to rest in his home of Cedar Lake, IN. But we still have work to do on his behalf. Over the last ten days, Dave's dad Brian has repeated a simple truth: "Out of bad, comes good." And we've seen a lot of good so far. This fundraiser is just one way we can see more. As Dave was caring and giving, his friends and family have been overwhelmingly so. Like Dave, let's set goals and exceed them. 

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by Friends and loved ones of David Plassmann

The website is live for David Plassmann's Memorial Fund. Portions of the proceeds will be sent entirely to the Chicago Chapter of Pets Helping Vets, David's family if they need help with expenses, and potentially Dave's hometown karate dojo. Let's do some good for Dave!
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