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Darren Thomas Memorial

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Organizer: Robert and Dana Bailey Beneficiary: Thomas Children College Education Fund

In honor and loving memory of Darren Thomas: beloved husband of Carolyn; devoted father of Crista, Matthew, and Kyle; and respected Chaparral High School teacher.

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Darren Leroy Thomas (Oct. 17, 1960 - June 23, 2013) was a devoted husband of 23 years to his wife Carolyn.  Together they raised 3 wonderful children, Crista, Matthew, and Kyle. Darren's other joy was teaching history at Chaparral High School in Temecula for the past 15 years.  He taught with humor and passion, and he inspired respect and love.  Because he so highly valued education in the lives of his children and students, we wish to join together as a community in support of his family so that Crista, Matthew, and Kyle may continue to pursue higher education, worry-free, in honor of their beloved father.
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