Celebrating the Life of Jesse James

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Many of you have heard about the devastation that took place on August 28, 2013 in the small town of Hampton, NJ. Shortly before 7am an explosion happened that could be heard for miles. Deborah Smith 'aka' Jesse James, perished in the fire.  

Jesse was tough, a survivor. She had a rough life, but whatever life dealt her, she took on with a smile. She was a hard worker and took on any task a man could. About a year ago, Jesse fell ill with a life threatening illness. She fought long and hard and pulled through with the help of her family and friends. Jesse loved everyone she ever met and always saw the positive in people. And anybody who was ever so blessed to have had the chance to know Jesse, would tell you she truly was something special. From the moment you met her, you just knew there was a beautiful soul inside and you were hooked. She loved being at the river and being with her family. She was a proud mother and loved her son Lee with all of her heart. And she just absolutely adored her daughter-in-law Carrie and her two grandchildren, Carlee and LJ.  

Jesse did not deserve to go like this. This is a tragic time for all that knew her, and we would love to give Jesse the proper celebration she deserves. Please help her family and friends raise the funds to celebrate the life of Jesse James?

As mentioned before, Jesse adored her grandchildren. She would want nothing more than to be able to provide a college fund for Carlee and LG. With the funds raised for her, the remainder will be put into a college fund for them. 

Thank you all for the love and support. Jesse would be overwhelmed with the amount of people fussing over her.
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