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Burial for Nicholas

$5,690raised of $5,000 goal

Organizer: Lauren Martelli Beneficiary: Nicholas Cappucci

Help raise money for Nicholas' funeral.

This fundraiser is closed
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Hi guys, I'm trying to help raise money for my cousin Nick's funeral. As some of you may already know Nick is very sick, and is unfortnetly not going to make it. We, his family,are trying to put as much money together as we can. But we need your help too. As you all may know a funeral is very expensive and we are coming up short. We don't have much time left to purchase a burial plot for Nick, as his time left here is very short. I know this is a bad time for most, but any amount you can donate will be greatly appreciated. To all that knew Nick knew he was an awesome kid, who will be missed greatly.
Thank you in advance for your genorosity and your kindness, from Nick's heart broken family.
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