Brenda and Ricky Tucker Memorial

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Beneficiary: Rose Tucker Organizer: Wesley and Amandajo Holman

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After years of mental health issues Brenda Tucker tragically took her own life at a family business on the east side of Detroit Mi, she used a handgun and shot herself in the chest around 12:00 am on sat. October 26th 2013. Her borther Ricky Tucker was at the place of business with her and witnessed the events unfold, but was helpless to intervine. The citys EMS took over 30mins to arrive and took her to St. John Hostipal but she was pronounced D.O.A. (Dead on arival). After interviewing with the Detroit police at the place of business, Ricky Tucker not knowing that his sister had already died left and headed to the hospital driving fast. At some point just before getting to the hospital he got into a car accident when he crossed the middle line on the road and the car he was driving was hit by another car. The crash left Ricky Tucker with life threating injuries. Ricky died on the way to the hospital, where his mother and older sister Amandajo has at. Their Mother Rose Tucker was already at the hospital with her last surviving child Amandajo Holman. They were waiting to view Brenda and identify her when Ricky was broght in. Rose Tucker and Amandajo Holman had to identify both Brenda and Ricky at the same time. Words can not express how she felt having lost 2 of her 3 children in the same night within an hour of each other. With little income she now has to pay for 2 funerals and services at once. We are asking anyone who can help, please do so the family is in great need for financial help at this time....Thank you
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