Brandy needs help to plan her funeral

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Meet Brandy.
Brandy is a 36 year old cousin of mine. She was originaly dianosed with cancer around 7 years ago (stage 4)-and she beat it!. But came back, and back again, and now it has spread to her brain, and spine amongst other places. 

 Seven years ago when she originally found out that she had stage 4 breast cancer, she was still breastfeeding her youngest daughter and had no idea what was going to happen. She was a mother to 3 kids, one an infant, and there she was with a death sentence of stage 4 cancer. Well, she was a VERY brave woman, she fought, and she won! That was short lived when last year we found out the news of the cancer returning.....and this time it was no longer in one place.

That brings us to today. Brandy is STILL fighting for her life but, there is a sense of realistic expectations in the air now. The prognosis from her Dr. was she has a couple months to live, or maybe 6 months if she does DAILY radiation treatment. Being the fighter she is, she has started her radiation treatments.

When we asked Brandy what she needed help with, she had only one concern...."I cant pay for my own funeral". To hear a mother of 3 (ages 19,13,7) talk about paying for her own funeral is enough to break down even the toughest person, let alone be the one actually going through this fight. We promised her at that point, that we will do what ever it takes to help fund her funeral, and take that burden away from her 3 kids, and mostly free her mind of this worry. You cant just walk away from a person losing their life, and all they want is a proper burial for their family........

So, now we have to ask for the generosity of our family, our friends, and of strangers with big hearts. Together we can help bring Brandy peace of mind in her final days.........Can you PLEASE HELP US? Because she has battled cancer for so long, this means she has not been able to work, thus she has no life insurance or savings. Any and all money that is left over will go directly into a savings acount for her three children. 

Donate any amount, as it ALL adds up, and it is VERY appreciated.
Also, "SHARING" is a great way to help, so please click that "SHARE" button to the right of the screen and help us help Brandy!

Helping us ease Brandy's worries in her final days means more to you than you will ever  know.

Thank you , God bless you.

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