Austin and Ashlyn's Angel Fund

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Beneficiary: Sheila Mahalick (c/o Austin and Ashlyn Mahalick) Organizer: Lori Zuber, Jessica Paukovits, and Mindy Adams

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013 should have been one of the happiest days of their lives for Tammy Mahalick and her son, Austin. It was his 7th birthday and also the day single mother Tammy would welcome her baby girl, Ashlyn, into this world. All that changed shortly before Ashlyn was born, as Tammy experienced an extremely rare complication of childbirth, known as an Amniotic Fluid Embolism. A few hours later, Austin and Ashlyn’s lives would change forever.

Tammy and her medical teams fought hard for her life, but she passed away later that evening on both her son and daughter’s birthday. A day that would have been spent celebrating her babies’ lives, singing ‘Happy Birthday,’ eating cake and opening presents will forever be tied to the saddest day of Austin and Ashlyn’s young lives.

With broken hearts, Tammy’s family and friends are pulling together to help support her children in every way possible. We are asking for your help so her family can provide all the love and necessities it takes to raise the two young children...this is exactly what Tammy would have done.  She would have been the first to ask how she could help.  Tammy cherished her family and friends, and her memory will remain strong through her children.

All proceeds from your generous donation will be used to offset daily needs of Austin and Ashlyn Mahalick.

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