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On Sunday, May 5th, 2013, 2-year-old Andrew was unresponsive when Brian went in to get him out of bed. Brian performed CPR and Andrew was rushed to Frederick Memorial Hospital and passed away soon after. He wasn't sick, but after many months of tests, we believe he died after sudden cardiac arrest due to a rare genetic mutation that causes Brugada Syndrome. Close family were all in town for his brother, Matthew's, 1st birthday party on Saturday and for Andrew's 2nd birthday party that was scheduled for Sunday, the day he passed away.

Mary and Brian, both teachers in Montgomery County Public Schools, are the best, most loving parents anyone could imagine. Andrew was a sweet, energetic, happy, bright big brother who was always smiling. The last thing any parent should ever have to do is to have their own child go before them. Please help us raise money for their expenses and for a college fund for Matthew. Thank you so much.

Condolences/cards or checks payable to the Andrew Palmer Memorial Fund can be sent to 594 Winterspice Drive, Frederick MD 21703.

Thank you everyone for your amazing kindness and overwhelming generosity during this time. Mary, Brian, and Matthew are truly blessed with amazing people who love them. Thank you.
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