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Donations for the Lauren Li Foundation

$15,800raised of $10,000 goal

Organizer: On behalf of the Li Family Beneficiary: The Li Family

On January 13th, 2014, Lauren and 2 other friends were victims of an incident along the Chicago River.

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For all who donated to Lauren’s Memorial Fund, we thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. Your touching messages have been a tremendous comfort for my family during these times. The memorial fund was started on our behalf as an act of kindness by the Hoang family, who also lost a life in Ken Hoang. In an incredible act of selflessness, the Hoang family also redirected further donations from Ken’s Memorial to Lauren’s cause. For this gesture, my family cannot express enough gratitude to the Hoang family. 

Those who have met Lauren knew her to be a selfless and loving soul. We are certain that if she were still with us, she would want the fund to be used not for herself but towards helping others. It is therefore my family’s wish to use all of the contributions generated by Lauren’s Memorial Fund towards a charity/scholarship in her name, to carry out her dream of serving those in need. For those who still wish to donate to Lauren’s charity, we will be keeping her online memorial open. We will also have donation boxes made available at the funeral home. Donations can be made out to the Lauren Li Foundation.
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by On behalf of the Li Family

Here is a beautiful slideshow of Lauren made by her friend, Kaylyn Webb:

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by On behalf of the Li Family
My family and I would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming support in the last week. Your outpouring of love for Lauren has truly helped us overcome the largest hurdle on our path to healing. 

We would like to extend an invitation to Lauren’s Visitation and Memorial Service:

Washburn-McReavy Edina Chapel
5000 W. 50th St. at Hwy 100
Edina, MN 55436
Visitation: Saturday, January 25th, from 10 am to 1 pm
Memorial Service: Sunday, January 26th, starting at 9 am

Both the visitation and memorial service will take place at Washburn-McReavy. All who wish to come are welcome. Please spread the word for us. For my friends who have never met Lauren, I would love for you to attend so that I can share her memory with you. 

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