15 Year Old Sean Severson, Forever in Our Hearts

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Beneficiary: The Severson Family Organizer: Community of Sean Severson in Fountain Valley and Holy Spirit Church

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Dear Friends, Family, the Community of Sean Severson and those who are not near,

On the morning of Thursday, March 20, 2014, Sean Severson, like many other kids that day, rode his bike to Fountain Valley High School. Unlike the rest of his fellow classmates, he never made it to school that day. He was struck by a vehicle, succumbing to his injuries the next day, only four days shy of his 16th birthday.

Many of us knew Sean, and many of us did not. For those who did not know Sean, here is a little memoir, that his brother, Johnny, wrote about him:

"Sean was a good kid who liked to stay at home and play video games on his computer. I could leave the house and come back two hours later with Sean in the same spot as when I first left. He was a funny kid, who would do little things just to make you laugh, no matter how stupid they were. When he smiled, it was either a small one, so you would wonder what was so funny, or it was a big one where his eyes would disappear and he would either silently laugh or it would be loud. He loved to skateboard, something he actually got me doing when I started riding the long board. When he set his mine to something, almost nothing could stand in his way, he was just that determined. He was an individual, something most kids his age are not. Even though it was easier to do what everyone else did, he chose to make himself different. He chose to make sure everyone around was happy instead of stressing only about his grades. He made sure he lived a happy life by always doing what he loved. And we all know what Sean loved to do, whether it was something his parents approved of or not. Sean was someone you could come talk to whenever you were feeling down, or just wanted to vent to someone. He would always sit there and listen, and give you advice. He stood up for what he believed in, he stood up for his friends and his family. He is proud, he is strong, and he is one of my best friends."

Sean's untimely death has left his family mourning for the loss of a son, a brother, a nephew, a cousin. Gone too soon, his friends and community are also stricken with grief. No one anticipates on the loss of a child, and no parent or family should have to worry about funeral costs at a devastating time as this.

As a community, we all must come together, to love and give to one of our own, so the Severson family can focus on healing and grieving.

Any level of donation will help and is truly appreciated. If you are unable to donate money, you can simply donate your time by sharing this site with others to spread the love.

All funds received from your generous donations will be going directly to the Severson Family, via their Paypal account.  If you would like to verify this account, you may contact the organizer of this fundraiser by clicking the button below, or by contacting our parish, Holy Spirit Church, in Fountain Valley, CA, and speak to Sister Cecilia, who is part of our Faith Formation ministry. You may also verify with any member of our Youth Ministries as well. Go to: http://www.holyspiritfv.org/page-ministries, under Faith Formation/YOUth Ministry, or call 714.963.7871  or  714.964.8767.
This page was created by a parishioner, at Holy Spirit Church, in Fountain Valley, CA, who has been in contact with the Severson family.

As the Severson Family moves on with Sean forever in their hearts, they would like you to know that Sean is donating his orgrans, so that others may live on, through him.

Please keep them in your prayers.

Sean Severson

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