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*In Loving Memory of Jessica Anderson*

$790raised of $10,000 goal

Organizer: Amanda Brann & Family of Jessica Anderson Beneficiary: Tera And Joy Moe

Please reach into your pockets and donate to this wonderful family, to help with the burial and memorial expenses for Jessica, who passed away after she was a victim of a tragic hit and run accident.

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Jessica Anderson was a beautiful, caring and compasionate young woman who was taken from her family tragically on December 13, 2013. Jessica was the Victim of the horible hit and run accident that occured in the wal-mart parking lot in Greenville NC on December 12, 2013. Due to her injurys she passed away on December 13th. Jessica did not have any insurance and it is hard for the family trying to come up with the unexpected expenses that they will have when layin her to rest. The family has been thru so much in just a little over a year. Jessica's daughter, Harley Renea, unexpecdedly passed away December 1st 2012 at 6 months as a result of SIDS. They have been thru so much and now they really need help from family, friends, and people thru out the community with any type of contribution that you can give to them to assist them with the burial expenses. They do not have much time to raise the money so please find it in your heart to help out with ANYTHING that you can to help them out. Please help this wonderful family out because they deserve it and So does Jessi.
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by Amanda Brann & Family of Jessica Anderson
Thank you to all who have supported us! There is still alot of money to be raised,and I pray that we will still recieve help and donations! So please continue to share and support us!

by Amanda Brann & Family of Jessica Anderson

by Amanda Brann & Family of Jessica Anderson
I would just like to Thank each and every one of our supporters for your contributions, prayers and condolences during our time of need.. Because of you we have finally been able to finish her funeral arrangements.. Her wake will be tomorrow December 20th at Wilkerson Funeral Home in Greenville NC from 4-6p.m. And funeral will be Saturday December 21st at 11a.m. If you would ike to come out and show your respects we would love to see you there.. There will be a benefit dinner following the funeral service at Club Seclusionz in Ayden, NC at 12p.m. Saturday.. For info you can contact Shannon White at 252-902-7661.. We will still be accepting donations for the balance owed and the grave marker.. So please continue to donate if you can.. You can also make donations straight to Wilkerson Funeral Home at 252-752-2102.. Thank you and Please continue to pray for my family...

by Amanda Brann & Family of Jessica Anderson
We are still reaching out to everyone to help us be able to lay My baby sister to rest... She did not deserve to die this way and she deserves a proper burial... So Please donate... Any little bit you can donate will be greatly appreciated... Thank you so much to the once who have already donated and the ones who are going to donate... And to everyone who has stood by us during this difficult time we appreciate your support... Please continue to kee our family in your prayers...





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