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<3 Jason's Angels <3

$9,770raised of $15,000 goal

Organizer: Jenn Jenkins Beneficiary: Natalie Santiago

Jason was 23 years old when God called him home. He had 5 classes left before his bachelor degree, a wedding date set, and two beautiful children, a girl and a boy, under the age of two.

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Jason woke up and headed to work onJanuary 12, 2014. He kissed his fiance and his babies and told them he would see them at 3pm. Jason pulled up to Woodbury Commons and parked across the street at the school parking lot because Woodbury Commons HAD A RESTRICTION OF EMPLOYEES PARKING ON THE PROPERTY-WHICH WAS LATER LIFTED AFTER HIS DEATH! Woodbury Commons tows employee cars if they are caught on the property, and they drive around and look. It was dawn out as he crossed in the crosswalk to get to work. He did not make it. Around 7am Jason was hit by a car, driven by his co-worker's husband. Jason died a short time later.  His 1 year old daughter and 2 month old son will not remember what a great father he was. How gentle his hugs were. The great big laughs that would escape them when daddy played. They will have photos and stories we can tell them and repeat a billion times, and love to repeat. Jason had his fiance become a stay at home mom.  Being a young couple they thought they had plenty of years ahead, for the grown up things, the things they put off.  My beautiful sister in law will need to provide for these children by herself. Of course we will all help. I ask that you please donate for their future. To help Natalie raise these babies and not disrupt their lives too much. Thanks you. RIP Jason! You are missed greatly!!! Xoxoxoxo
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by Jenn Jenkins

After donating, if you could please take another moment and sign this petition so it does not happen to anyone else!Thank you, from the Rutkowski's and Santiago's
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by Jenn Jenkins
We would like to thank all that have donated so far.  Natalie, Savannah and Benjamin really appreciate all the love and support they have recieved so far! Please, if you haven't done so already, forward this to everyone you know and get the word out.

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