We would LOVE for you to please join us for our next adventure!

Are you ready to have some FUN?!?!?!

Joey wants to travel the WORLD so please print a picture below picture of Joey and take it with you wherever you go - work, school, happy hour, vacation, church, and snap a picture with her and send to her husband kevinselner@gmail.com so he can upload to our WONDER WOMAN ON WORLD TOUR album. (i.e.; At Flyers game in Philadelphia at the Wells Fargo Center with Joey and having a few cold ones, etc.).

Note: If you would rather have a picture sent to you attached to an emailin a form of an email contact him at kevinselner@gmail.com

Remember the idea is to make this fun and be as creative as you like. 

Thank you again so much for joining Team Joey the fight against brain cancer! 

Your daily help, support, warm thoughts, and prayers keep them strong.

Joey and Kevin love you all very much!