Wetmore or Less Recovery Fund

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Organizer: Timothy Bilodeau Beneficiary: Officer Christopher Wetmore

Officer Chris Wetmore was involved in a serious motorcycle accident while returning home after attending the 2014 Law Enforcement Officer Memorial activities with other law enforcement officers. Officer Wetmore received numerous broken bones and is looking at an extensive, and expensive, recovery process.


by Timothy Bilodeau
Visit to See Chris, Wednesday June 11th. 

I got to see Chris at his new digs, his parents house! They had him set up in the living with easy access to the computer, his phone, and his walker! He looked comfortable and had a large living room to use for physical therapy. Chris was in good spirits and even had his leg unwrapped to let both his scars from the crash, and his surgical wounds air out. Seeing his leg really put into perspective the extensive work that his orthopedic performed to fix him. Thanks Doc! 

It was nice sharing a cup of coffee with Chris. I heard him say the words Thank You about a thousand times. Sometimes people say that and it sounds insincere. However, when you hear it from Chris, you know that it is 100% backed by humilty and sincere gratitude. You should all know that your phone calls and support keep the big man smiling through these hard times. So, Thank You to you! 

Bobby - Wetmore's friend, colleague, and Police Academy buddy. 

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by Timothy Bilodeau

One Week Home


I want to start out and thank everyone for theirthoughts, prayers, love and support. The past few weeks have really shown me how very blessed and fortunate I am to have so many caring and concerned friends and family. I truly cannot thank everyone enough for all that everyone has done. The cards, calls, texts, etc. are pushing me to heal up properly and return in better condition then before my accident. So THANK YOU!


So for a quick update on my progress…


I am at home with my parent in Lincoln, VT for the time being. Things are healing very well and the home health nurses and physical therapist are surprised and very pleased with my progress. I still can only do limited PT exercises until my next doctor’s appointment, which is June 24th; where hopefully I will get the ok to ramp up the PT and work things more.


The doctors cleared me to bend my knee and try to get as much range of motion as I can under my own power. This week I tried for 60 degrees of angle, but topped out at 58. But the physical therapist was very surprised I was able to do that under my own power, and especially only 3 weeks since my accident. So I will keep working it!


I cannot stress enough, with all of the love and support I been given, I promise I will only return better and stronger than before. I cannot let any of you down. Thank you all very much and hope I can see everyone soon!




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by Timothy Bilodeau
Thank you all for your support of Chris Wetmore. Chris is currently back at home in Vermont and is recuperating. He is starting the long process of rehabilitation. Chris has been humbled by everyone' show of support.
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