Wesleys Cancer Treatment Fund

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On December 7th our 25 year old son Wesley went to his doctors office for a check up he had been having some weight loss and was itching all over, which he thought might be psoraisis, he also had begun to have some chest pains at night.
His pulse was elevated and his EKG came back abnormal so he was transferred to a local hospital where he was seen by a cardiologist who found a mass completely around his heart and in one lung.
He was then transferred to another hospital that same night where he was seen by another cardiologist and an oncologist.
He was told that night by the oncologist that she was 90% certain he had lymphoma.
They did two biopsies on him, and on Decmber 16th he was confirmed with Hodgkins Lymphoma.
His medical insuance will max out before he is close to completing treatment so please consider making a donation.
Don't think that if all you can give is $5.00 it won't matter, all of those little donations will add up to one great big one.
Thank you for your donation, and for your caring enough to show it.

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