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Beneficiary: Bill Tunny Jr. Organizer: Katie Renee Tunny

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Bill Tunny Jr. was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer, the most aggressive cancer of its kind, in mid-2012. After rounds upon rounds of intense chemotherapy and radiation, this very tight knit family was thankful to hear in early 2013 that Bill Jr. was in remission. Unfortunately, that didn't last long. The cancer spread to his brain just as doctors had warned, and at this point, Bill Jr. is in the most critical condition yet with very, very little time to act. 
His loving wife, Rosann, has been by his side 100% so much that, her workplace is unwilling to work with her any longer, and she will soon lose her job. Her job that also holds the insurance for the family. 
The medicine that Bill Jr. needs costs about $1500 per month. The Tunny family and friends are trying their best to make it work, but the best is not going to be enough. Bill Jr. has a sister, brother, a wife, 3 sons, 2 grandsons, daughter-in-law, nephews, a niece, and countless other family members and friends that need him here.
Any donation, big or small, to help get Bill Jr. the medicine he needs is greatly appreciated. The fight is not over, but time is not in his favor and action needs to be taken immediately. Thank you to all that have already sent prayers, thoughts, helpful hands, donations, encouraging words, etc. 

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