Visiting Little Brooks!

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At almost 4 months of age, little Brooks Dillard has spent more than half his short life in the hospital.  For the last 8 weeks (as of 8/16/13), he has been at Seattle Children's Hospital.  He has been on a ventilator the entire time, has had two major surgeries with another one in his near future.

Brooks was born with a very rare congenital heart defect called Double Aortic Arch.  Normally, the aorta leaves the heart and branches off to supply the arteries going to the arms and head.  One of these branches then turns down to supply the lower body with blood.  In Brooks' case, both branches rejoined after wrapping around his trachea and esophagus.  The pressure from having the vascular ring this created constricted his airway and effectively prevented his trachea from developing properly.

Brooks has had two major surgeries already.  The first was to open the ring.  The second, called an aortopexy, was designed to reduce the pressure on his trachea.  This second surgery wasn't as effective as we had hoped and he will be receiving a third surgery, possibly an experimental ground-breaking one, in the very near future.

We have already raised quite a bit of money from the wonderful people out there with huge hearts and the resources to be able to help.  Unfortunately, the daily trip to visit Brooks typically costs $40-$50 and so we have been burning through the money as quickly as it comes in.

Anything given is greatly appreciated.  This has been an extremely stressful journey for us and the money raised has reduced one major aspect of that stress to a manageable level.  Thank you!

Updates for Brooks' journey are posted most days on his facebook page at
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