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Tornado victims' family in need of your help

$12,929raised of $25,000 goal

Organizer: Friends of the Martin-Davis Family Beneficiary: Betsy Martin

The Martin-Davis family was devastated by the May 15 tornado in TX: Tommy Martin (left) was killed and wife Betsy Davis (right) suffered life-threatening injuries. Betsy's mom Ann was also killed.

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The Martin-Davis Benefit fund was established for Betsy Martin, who is at John Peter Smith hospital in Fort Worth with broken ribs, wrist, bones in her back, shoulders and a collapsed lung. Her husband Tommy Martin and mother Ann Davis were killed in the tornado. Thanks to everyone who donated to help cover the significant medical and burial expenses. This fundraiser is now closed.
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by Friends of the Martin-Davis Family
Betsy gets her cast off Thursday and is nearing the end of her recovery. She broke 31 bones but most all of those have healed. She wishes to express her deepest gratitude to everyone who donated to her medical fund. Your support and encouragement was pivotal in her recovery and will be equally important in confronting the hospital bills in the weeks to come. God bless you.
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by Friends of the Martin-Davis Family
We're glad to report that Betsy is already out of rehab and walking with assistance (mostly we just hold under one of her arms for safety as her balance is pretty good).

Also, a memorial service for Tommy Martin and Ann Davis will be June 29th from 2-4pm at Acton Baptist Church. The address is 3500 Fall Creek Hwy Granbury TX 76049.
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by Friends of the Martin-Davis Family
Many thanks to all who have contributed. We are truly touched by the amount of support, and are happy to say that Betsy is doing very well. Today the rehab (Kindred Hospitals) representative came and said she might be able to be transferred there on this coming Monday. When she does transfer, it will be a facility located in Arlington. Yesterday, she took a few steps by herself, which she was really happy about, and she is very motivated concerning a full physical recovery. She will have surgery tomorrow on her arm; they have her scheduled for the afternoon but said if someone cancels in the morning, hers might be moved up.

With gratitude
The Martin-Davis Family
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