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in July 2012, Tom was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM).  GBM is a type of brain cancer;  it's a disease that is uniquely aggressive.  Tom's condition has made many of us -- Tom's family and friends -- think hard about the work he's done and the way he's helped many musicians think about music. 

Through the help of a handful of exraordinarily big-hearted people, a benefit concert was pulled together on March 3rd 2013 at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.  We celebrated his life with him there -- he stood on the floor in front of the stage laughing and crying, listening to some of his favorite bands.  It was a stupendous evening. 

Tom is someone who has given plenty to the musical life of San Francisco's independent artists.  People from all over the country rocked out at the benefit!  Others who couldn't make it expressed a desire to contribute.  Well, here is the spot to do that!

There was no doubt that the outpouring of love and care had its own curative powers.  But, the tumor proved to be meaner still and has progressed to where he is no longer able to stay at home safely.  All donations will go to pay medical bills and the cost of care at the hospice.


by Nancie Lualhati


Tom Mallon-McCorgray’s Memorial Service
Sunday, February 23rd at 4 pm
At The Make Out Room -- 3225 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94110
(Between Valencia & Mission Sts.)

Time To Commemorate A Life Well-Lived.
Open to all ages for a formal service and a celebration.

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by Nancie Lualhati

Tom Mallon-McCorgray – Saturday, January 11, 2014 POSTING
(b. 12/24/56;  d.1/9/14)

Friends – Tom Mallon-McCorgray died on Thursday night.  Too raw to express what my beloved, my heart and the father of my children meant to us and me.  But, please know that the outpouring of love and over-the-top generosity astounded us from the start.  “Thanks” are never going to be enough – but that’s how we feel about all of your love and support:  thankful.  And, grateful.

To all of Tom’s friends and followers and family, a memorial service is likely to be in mid-February.  Will send out communications then.

Hold all those you love closely and kiss them with the fullness of love.

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by Nancie Lualhati
Dear Tom Mallon-McCorgray Supports:

At the urging of friends, I post this update...  I have been Tom's life partner for just over 20 years.  And for those of you who have screamed, laughed, cried, chuckled, giggled, sobbed or run out of the studio with him behind the mixer, I salute you.  One might think this is a small club, but for a guy who's recorded thousands of songs, albums and CDs, there's a lot of us.  (A lot of that is in our basement!)

That maddening, pushy recording musical genius is who I think of when I think of Tom.  Some people have told me he's lovable -- I know there's a few out there that would disagree with that.  Whatever your opinion of his unique personality, I think we can all agree that he has never been a push over and is as stubborn as anyone could ever imagine to be.

I hoped that out of sheer dint of determination he could scare that Glio into submission.  But, it seems, he met something more stubborn.

On December 10th, we had to admit him into hospice care as he's lost control of his right side and it's no longer safe to be at home without professional help.

If you feel you'd like to hellp with that expense, please know any donation will go to the cost of his residency.  If you want to write him a note I can read to him, please email me at

Thanks for the fine considerations and thoughts you have sent to our family.  We wish you health and love.
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by Nancie Lualhati
Three days after TomFest -- today, March 6, 2013 -- Tom Mallon had a second surgery on his brain.  We are super happy to report that he was talking and nibbling on ice chips and asking if there has been any new pictures posted since Sunday.

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