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To help pay for my ftm top surgery costs

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Organizer: Evan Christopher Beneficiary: Evan Christopher

Raising funds to help cover the cost of my my ftm top surgery.

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Hi, my name is Evan. I am a 32 yr old transguy from Oshkosh Wi. I am just shy of my one year on T. and I am becoming more and more dysphoric about my chest. I feel 'I need this to survive' is the best way I can describe my situation. I want to focus on my life, not my body, and this will help me achieve that goal. I have met all the requirements for my surgery, had my consult with my surgeon last month and got my quote for the procedure as well. I work a full time job that has decent insurance, but I just found out that I have been denied coverage for my top surgery. I am not capable of acquiring a loan or paying for my surgery on my own. I do not have any family financial support I was hoping for and at the rate I am saving, it will take me approx. another 1.5 years to save up enough to pay for my surgery, which will also leave me basically broke the whole time. I have a you tube channel that follows my journey from pre-t to current in hopes of helping other transguys that were in the same situation that I was in a couple of years ago, before I knew I was not alone... Thank you so much!!! Anything to help is much appreciated :)
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by Evan Christopher
Heres a link to my most recent video
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