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We are a family of four, living on a fixed income. My wife Deloris and I are raising two wonderful grandchildren. Amber, who is 10 and Austin is 13. We do not receive any child support from either of the kids parents, so we're on our own with that. We live in Easley, South Carolina. My past profession was a computer software consultant. I have been disabled and on Social Security since 2009 due to a severe heart attack, blockage in the legs referred to as P.A.D., and an anxiety disorder. My 401K was totally depleted trying to survive while waiting two years on disability approval by Social Security. The doctors recently found an 88% blockage in my left carotid artery (neck) and over 50% on the right side. This was discovered after going to my family doctor with slurred speech a couple of weeks ago. He ordered an Ultrasound and CT scan. Just this week I experienced a temporary partial vision loss in my left eye. This has confirmed the urgency for surgery. I just hope that the surgery will be successful in helping to prevent a stroke! We are faced with medical expenses for the Vascular Surgeon, Tests, and Hospital to clear these arteries. I am scheduled for a consultation on 8/22 with the Vascular Surgeon. Surgery will be scheduled then. It is unclear how long the hospital stay will be, but it usually is 1 to 2 days.
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