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Crystal Sweeney developed a cold in her 28th week of pregnancy. At 29 weeks she was admitted for breathing issues. It was determined she had pneumonia and that the baby would need to come out due to distress and low oxygen concentration in the blood. Lainee Sweeney was born via c-section and Crystal is now fighting for her life, both to recover from the pneumonia and surgery. She has tested positive for H1N1 and is in an induced coma and is currently on a ventilator. Yesterday was her first day receiving any nutrition, and she tolerated it well. The family's financial need is great with the unexpected medical costs and the fact that both Crystal and Jared are obviously taking off unexpected time from work. Please consider donating. This is a season for giving and let's seek to give this family some much needed respite from a terrible situation! We are all hoping and praying that Crystal recovers very soon so that she can hug her sweet baby girl and her two year old son and husband.  Please pray baby Lainee continues to do well!
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