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The Magnus Family Medical Fund

$13,245raised of $100,000 goal

Organizer: Friends of the Magnus Family Beneficiary: The Magnus Family

Dear friends of Joyce Franco Magnus, please read the "fundraiser details" below for information on the challenges facing the Magnus family.

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Fundraiser Details

In 1978, Joyce Franco Magnus was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease. Radiation saved her life, but at a cost. She has lived with the damage it caused to her lungs for many years.  So on December 6, 2013 when Joyce collapsed in the city of Chicago on her way back from lunch, she assumed it was her lungs. Her assumption was wrong. She was rushed to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where it was discovered that her heart had also been damaged from the treatments.

In the following days she would undergo a triple bypass, two valve replacements, draining of fluid in the lungs and, after a near miss incident, an insertion of a pacemaker. 

Let's pull together and do what each of us can to help offset the expense as we support her in the long recovery ahead.

 šŸ”¹Your contribution, of any amount, will make a differencešŸ”¹
Thank you for caring.

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by Friends of the Magnus Family
Joyce is now home to continue with her recovery. She has been working in physical therapy to be able to navigate the stairs in her home. Unfortunately, Joyce will face another surgery to unblock her carotid artery. It has not been scheduled as of this update. The doctors also think Joyce may have to have a procedure on her vocal cords. Time will tell, but so far, she still has difficulty speaking above a whisper. The experience has been profound in many ways but mostly in the way people have come together to support Joyce. Please pass the website on to those that may want to help. Thank you to all who have contributed. The Magnus family is overwhelmed by your generosity. 
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by Friends of the Magnus Family
Joyce was released from the hospital and sent again to the Alden Northshore in Skokie. She is breathing easier and hopes to gain strength so she can eventually return home. Please share this website with friends and family. Thank you for your support. 
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by Friends of the Magnus Family
The Magnus family is very grateful for all the support they are receiving. Joyce has been amazed by the generosity of so many. Unfortunately, Joyce was re-admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. They are treating her with heavy doses of antibiotics with the hope that she can eventually return to the rehab facility. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
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