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On the morning of 8/19/14 I came upon a dog hit by a car along Swamp Pike (New Hanover Township - Montgomery County, near the New Hanover Township Fire Company). I had the folks who were with the dog - who I have named Tugger - put him in the back of my car and I took him to the vet. No microchip. The vet hospital said that if no one claimed custody of Tugger that they would have to euthanize him.  Over my dead body. So myself and the poor person who hit Tugger claimed custody. He suffered a punctured lung and a fracture in his 4th lumbar vertebra, and is currently unable to move from his mid-back on down because of injury to his spinal cord from the fracture.  His owners have neither been located nor have come forward.  I have no idea how much the medical costs will be, but I am setting up this fund so that we can all help poor Tugger get the treament and care that he needs and deserves.  The next 12-24 hours are critical with regard to his spinal cord injury from the fracture, so getting him to a neurologist is priority.  The MRI to assess the damage to his spinal cord, along with possible surgery to secure the fracture, will be very expensive.  So please consider a donation on Tugger's behalf - even a dollar means the world to Tugger and is much appreciated.  He has been under treatment at the local veterinary hospital (the expenses will probably be around $1,000 there), and will incur additional expenses once transferred to the neurologist (at a minimum probably $6,000 from what I have been told).  And please also say prayers for this sweet boy that his spinal cord injury is only temporary.  He is the sweetest dog; in spite of his injuries he just wants to be petted and touched.  On behalf of Tugger, many thanks, hugs, and wet doggy kisses!  (P.S.  Some have asked how he got the name Tugger.  When he was placed in the back of my car, he looked up at me and laid his head on my arm, in spite of all his pain and shock.  That tug at my heart.  And in the immortal words of Tug McGraw:  "Ya Gotta Believe!"  I gotta believe that he will regain use of his back legs and walk again.)

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