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Thank you for visiting Santino's page. If you have a chance, please watch our two minute video which helps to share our story and thank our wonderful supporters.

Just a quick note - for those wanting to join Team Santino and pledge against E's pars, birdies, and eagles at the 2014 US Kids Golf World Championship, please scroll down to the bottom of this page. All proceeds will go towards Santino's medical expenses. Not sure what this is? Watch our two minute video to see what Team Santino is all about.

We all know that feeling of holding our children tight and wishing the world that all their hopes and dreams will come true. Santino Gomez was born on January 21, 2014 with an extremely rare brain malformation called Bilateral Perisylvian Polymicrogyria (BPP). There is not much research in this area, and we have found that no two cases are alike. We know that it has caused Santino to have low muscle tone throughout his body affecting his airway and digestive system. It is also the cause of a condition called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC). AMC is described as multiple contractures in more than one limb due to the lack of movement in the womb.

From the get go, Santino has proven to all of us that he is a fighter as he has already defied the odds in many ways. At only six months old, he has been through enough surgeries, procedures, and needle pricks to last him a lifetime. But like any little warrior (or saint), Santino needs access to the best medical care and physical therapy possible to ensure that he can reach his full potential. Unfortunately, not all medical expenses are covered by insurance and one can only imagine the financial burden involved to ensure that Santino receives 24 hour care at home. It would be truly amazing if Santino's parents could focus on Santino's health and not worry about anything else that could impede his bright future. 

More than anything, Team Santino asks for your prayers. All who pray for Santino or share his story are directly responsible for the amazing progress that he has made thus far. With the grace of God, Santino's fighting spirit, and a community of hope, we can help Santino to continue to defy the odds.

On behalf of Team Santino (including Santino's mom and dad, Amanda and Bobby, and two older siblings, Olivia and Teyo) thank you SO much for taking the time to even read about his story. Tonight, hug your little ones a wee bit tighter, just for us. 

Read more about Santino's journey on his blog, or follow him on Facebook under The Great Santino.

Want to join Team Santino? Pledge against E's pars, birdies, and eagles at the US Kids Golf World Championship 2014!

1. Email and tell us what donor level you'd like to sign up for. Donor levels are listed below.
2. We'll keep you updated on E's progress at the US Kids Golf 2014 World Championship which is July 31st to August 2nd, 2014.
3. Once the World Championship is over, we'll email you with the pledge amount owed.
4. You can use this fundraising page ( to pay directly. All proceeds will go towards Santino's medical expenses.

That's it ... you're not responsible for swinging the clubs but we'd love your prayers for both E and Santino when they play at Pinehurst. 

Donor Levels (based on 27 holes played, 3 day tournament, 9 holes/day):
1. Silver: $.50/par, $2/birdie, $5/eagle, $10 max pledge (optional).
2. Gold: $1/par, $5/birdie, $10/eagle, $25 max pledge (optional).

3. Platinum: $2/par, $10/birdie, $20/eagle, $50 max pledge (optional).
4. Champion: $5/par, $15/birdie, $25/eagle, $100 max pledge (optional).

***And just to keep things interesting, E's mommy and daddy are going to pledge $1,000 if he makes a hole-in-one!***

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