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Attention Doug Fund friends and family,

Today is February 28th -- National Tooth-Fairy Day -- and we have a momentous announcement for you! 


Believe it or not, each year there are two Nationally recognized Tooth-Fairy Days. One on August 22nd and the other today, February 28th (strange but true!). On August 22nd 2013, we intentionally started our online-campaign, "The Doug Fund", to help raise money for Doug in his quest for new teeth after a tragic accident. Now, coincidentally, we are pleased to announce on this National Tooth Fairy Day that we will CLOSE the Doug Fund with overwhelming and sudden SUCCESS -- Thank You to everybody involved! 

Over these past 6 months YOU collectively donated over $12,000 through YouCaring,, and personal donations. At the start of this fundraising campaign we had high ambitions for Doug, planning to keep the fund going over the next year so that we could afford his full dental implants -- the expensive but only option at that time. But even in the midst of early fundraising success, these limited goals were becoming farther and farther from us in the face of more medical and financial roadblocks due to the rare and extreme nature of his injuries. 

Suddenly, right as we were getting desperate for more long-term plans, we were presented with a new solution this February that would solve all of Doug's problems immediately in a highly affordable and safe way. After only a few procedures over the past weeks, the amazing dentists at Light Street Dental installed 
a permanent bridge in Doug's lower mouth yesterday by utilizing his remaining teeth as anchors. For now, Doug will continue to use a temporary denture for his upper teeth, which will be safely replaced with a permanent denture over the next year. 

Miraculously, the full amount of funds YOU donated from the beginning of our fundraiser covered almost the exact amount of all of the procedures that Doug required! INCREDIBLE! 

September - approx. $7000 Doug's Upper-Teeth Extraction and Temporary Upper-Denture. 
February - approx. $5000 Doug's Lower-Dental Bridge.

These funds have not only helped Doug afford new teeth, but have made it possible for Darcy and Doug to afford to live independently with their own money in the face of a huge crisis over these trying months. Now that we are finished fundraising, we will not be accepting donations through the YouCaring site or in person, and all fundraising music sold through will transition to free streaming on Spotify.

Thanks to your support: DOUG HAS TEETH. 

And, in other good news, Doug got a job thanks to his teeth! Come visit him at Baltimore's Fancy Italian restaurant -- La Famiglia. Thanks to you, he'll be doing what he does best: serving others, staying classy, and SMILING! :)

Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOU!


Original Overview and Goals:

In May of 2013, Doug fell 25 feet onto concrete, shattering his forearm, breaking his jaw in four places, fracturing his femur, and losing nine teeth. After four months of painful rehabilitation, Doug now faces the very steep expenses of critical dental surgeries required to repair and replace all of his shattered teeth. For Doug -- a recent college graduate already burdened with loans and unemployment -- reaching recovery and prolonged health is impossible without your support.

On behalf of Doug’s college friends and family, The Doug Fund hopes you will donate any amount to help Doug via our YouCaring website and Fundraising Store (coming soon!). Stay posted for an epic fundraising campaign featuring live events, music, art, and more!

Doug’s Story

Doug is a self-made man. Since he was 18 years old, he’s been on his own. After high-school, he supported himself and friends, working 18 hour days to get by. Now, after finally putting himself through four years of college on his own, studying to become a teacher, and rising-up as an inspiring student leader of many causes and campus organizations, he’s taken an accidental fall that will put him in more debt than he's already facing with student loans. All of Doug's hard work, dreams of higher education, and career goals now seem far out of reach in the face of medical expenses and temporary disability. At a time when Doug should be in his prime -- armed and ready to realize his adult life -- he only now begins these grueling years of debt and even more hard work.

Doug's fall has shaken the world of those close to him. With the support of friends, family, and his girlfriend Darcy Sullivan, Doug has been able to overcome the first of many hurdles of recovery, staying with Darcy and her family, hoping for things to get back to normal. Normal, however, will take much longer than planned. Just weeks before the accident, Darcy and Doug rented an apartment together in Baltimore. Doug was just finishing school, and Darcy had returned from a job across the country. They were ready to move in together, support one another, and finally enjoy the life they had earned together after four years of committed hard work and patience. Now their dream seems farther away than ever before, and the bills have become unimaginable.

Please make a donation and help Doug reach the life-goals he's earned for Darcy, his family, his friends, and the world.

Medical Expenses and Information

Doug's case is nothing short of incredible. According to the Doctors who've seen him, the damage sustained to Doug's jaw and teeth mirror those of patients who have been kicked in the face by a horse. Doug has had most of his teeth extracted, followed by a temporary upper-teeth denture, and, now with more of your support, implants. Due to the complicated nature of all the injuries Doug has sustained to his mouth, several Dental Schools (including the University of Maryland School of Dentistry and the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Unit) deemed his case too complex for inexperienced students or recent graduates to work on him. Therefore Doug's surgeries must come only from Oral Surgeons and Dentists who can address his extreme case.

This is a long, long procress, that is very costly and exhausting, taking up to a year or more to complete, and costing over $50,000, while Doug's pending medical assistance will certainly not cover any dental costs.  Aside from missing his two bottom front teeth, all 15 of Doug's top teeth were cracked and at risk of serious infection.

*Thanks to the financial support of our first 40 donors, his top teeth have been surgically removed to avoid infection. However, Doug will now have to live without upper teeth and an uncomfortable upper teeth denture, while still missing his bottom two front teeth. So much work and more expenses are ahead.

His employment options in his current physical condition are highly limited, especially compared to what they would be if his accident hadn't occurred. Dentures, at Doug's age, will pose many problems if he does not get teeth implants to replace them soon after, including absence of taste, discomfort, dry-mouth, potential cavities, potential atrophy in the upper mouth, and life long expenses. 

Only with your help, can Doug live comfortably, replacing his denture and missing teeth with implants, and realizing his potential as a young man. For now Doug's girlfriend Darcy Sullivan, and her family, Randi and David, have to resort to managing their limited finances just to even afford Doug's first surgery, which they aren't able to afford on their own. Only with your support, can we ensure that Doug gets his teeth repaired, and not face discomfort, debt, and joblessness forever.

About Us

We have been lucky to be Doug's friends since college. He's the greatest. We've known him since he started his college career, humbling us all with the enormous amount of work he does to support himself and others. Propelled by his passions to urge the community around him to improve, Doug is a complete Renaissance Man. He majored in Philosophy, minored in English Literature, and studied Math on the side. He supported his way through college, spending long hours waiting tables, and developing committed relationships with the businesses and people he's served. Always filled with charm, Doug is the best guy to talk to for advice and is a dedicated listener. Frequently, individuals who he's never met before, approach him to share their stories, and he's always ready to accept and help out. Now it's our turn to help Doug. Please donate whatever you can so that Doug can start living the comfortable life he's earned.

Thank you!

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