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Our dear friend Blake Britton, an accomplished sculptor, talented production designer, and meticulous craftsman was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma in February. 

At that time, he was eagerly preparing for the arrival of his baby boy when an incessant headache, vomiting, and disorientation brought him to the emergency room. An MRI revealed a bleeding mass on the frontal lobe of his brain. The next morning, with a crowd of family and friends camped out in hospital waiting room, a neurosurgeon removed a malignant tumor the size of a baseball.

Following surgery, Blake and his wife Vicki spent the summer getting to know their newborn baby boy, hopeful of Blake’s recovery.  However, in early October, a nagging pain in Blake’s right hip raised reasons for concern.  A CT scan was performed and biopsy later confirmed that the cancer had metastasized within the bones of his hip socket. Extensive surgery was performed to remove it, including a total hip replacement with removal and reconstruction of effected surrounding structures. 

A month after surgery, when Blake should have been well into the healing process, the pain was only increasing and becoming less and less manageable. Subsequent imaging discovered extensive cancer progression throughout his pelvis and metastasis to the lungs. Treatment is now primarily focused on the complicated nature of pain control and maintaining his quality of life. Blake has recently completed a new series of radiation treatments that will be followed by chemotherapy.  

This beautiful family has met all of these challenges with astounding courage, graciously humoring their friends’ and families’ questions and meeting offers of support with open arms. While they could have turned fully inward and shied away from public vulnerability, they’ve instead allowed us all be a part of celebrating their lives in all its complexity and in so doing, have taught us all how to be more fully loving and open with each other and ourselves.

Let’s celebrate them now by doing whatever we can do to reduce their financial concerns and free them to focus on living as fully together as possible.

With hearts full of gratitude,

The Britton Project


Through the success of our first round of fundraising with this site we were able to raise a remarkable $63,000!!  The funds have gifted Blake and Vicki the time and ability to focus both on their new family and Blake's healing process. With new triumphs and new struggles, the love story goes on. We've raised the goal and with your support, we can meet it! Thank you everyone!!

No contribution is too small, whatever you can give is greatly appreciated.  


If you would like to make a recurring donation to help Blake and Vicki with monthly expenses please click here.

If you would like to make a wire transfer please click the “Contact the Organizer” button below. 

Please make donations in excess of $500 through your personal PayPal account or contact us below to make arrangements.

Cash or check donations can be mailed to:

Blake Britton
P.O. Box 86158
Portland, Oregon 97286

Please see Blake’s work at: and spread the word.



by The Britton Project
Even though this fundraising page has expired, YOU CAN STILL DONATE! 

by The Britton Project
hello friends, 
together with blake, we have been working on a retrospective book of all blakes work. it is now complete and ready for the world.
please check it out here for more info, and to purchase:
all proceeds will go to blakes wife and child.
please feel free to pass along. we cant thank you enough.

by The Britton Project


With broken hearts we are sorry to share the news that on Friday, May 8th - a beautiful, sunny, Spring day - with friends and family near, Blake passed away.


From diagnosis to death, Blake lived almost 15 months. He and Vicki lived those months in hope and full determination, despite unspeakable pain. While raising a beautiful baby boy, they lived honestly and earnestly, showing their courage, positivity, and openness, with an unwavering focus on kindness.


Blake was a talented artist, a proud husband, father, and friend. He will be missed intensely. 


Thank you all for the support and love.

by The Britton Project
Beautiful baby Carver was born May 15th, 2014!  He is clever and sweet, gentle and keenly focused – the perfect combination of his parents. He is a big fan of blueberries, salmon and --  miraculously -- sleeping through the night!

We've posted more new information on the Home page.

Through the success of our first round of fundraising with this site we were able to raise a remarkable $63,000!!  The funds have gifted Blake and Vicki the time and ability to focus both on their new family and Blake's healing process. With new triumphs and new struggles, the love story goes on. We've raised the goal and with your support, we can meet it! Thank you everyone!!

by The Britton Project

Hello dear friends,

Vicki has provided us with this update on Blake:

We want to express our gratitude for the outpouring of love and encouragement that continues to bless us each day, please know that your sweet words of encouragement and support give us great strength.  We would also like to extend a huge belated thank you to everyone who helped organize and pull off the LIFTED art auction, including the great generosity of Wieden & Kennedy and the artists who contributed, it was a wonderful night and a great success!  

Blake has now begun his second week of radiation and it is going well.  Without a clear category or diagnosis our oncology team has decided that partial brain radiation (where the main target is the tumor bed with limited healthy tissue exposure) using higher doses for a slightly longer period of time is the best course of action.  This means that we get to avoid the potential complications of whole brain treatment, of which we are very glad, and he has daily treatments for 6 weeks. They did however grant us off for a few days when our sweet baby is born, but we have to promise to bring him in and show him off when able.  All in all it is going well with minimal side effects, although fatigue does set in in the afternoons and I am more than happy to settle down for a nap with him these days.  We had our last follow up appointment with the neurosurgeon yesterday and received positive news that all restrictions are now lifted (driving and such) as long as he feels comfortable and safe, it was also very reassuring to hear him speak about his confidence in the success of the surgery, having removed the complete tumor and surrounding damaged tissue.  

We are very hopeful for a full recovery for Blake and continue to use as many tools as possible to reach that goal.  We are grateful for so many things during this time, thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

Much Love, Vicki

by The Britton Project

Hello dear friends,

Vicki has provided us with this update on Blake:

 "We feel very lucky that Blake's case is a hot topic in the neuro/oncology community here, as he is discussed in depth at the bi-monthly meetings of the city's top neurologists, oncologists, radiologists, and neuropathologists.  I guess they have a powwow every two weeks to discuss cool and complex brain matters, and Blake has been their favorite topic for the past several weeks. Since our team has arrived at a course of treatment after all of this extraordinary input, we feel that what they are proposing is the best way to go.

Based on the latest information from the oncologist, the tumor just doesn't fit into any specific category and that’s ok. We will be starting a radiation course this week: daily treatment for five weeks, with CT scans throughout and an MRI upon completion. Luckily, the oncology team feels that chemotherapy is not necessary at this time and partial brain radiation is best for now. We are all for that since it avoids many of the ill side effects caused by both chemo and whole brain radiation.

Blake continues to feel clearer each day. With this clarity he is able to notice the areas that he needs to continue to work on such as concentration, attention span, and task completion, but working with his speech therapist has given us new tools to use for these areas.  

He is as loving and sweet as ever, and we are just so thankful."

by The Britton Project

We are pleased to announce a benefit art auction on Blake's behalf. One night only!! 

Many thanks to Nikki Fenix & Heather Hanrahan for putting the show together, to Wieden + Kennedy for generously hosting, and to all the participating artists for their incredible contributions. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!

L  I  F  T  E  D :  Blake Britton Benefit Art Auction 
Wieden + Kennedy Gallery Portland
Friday, March 28  6-9pm

Artists Include:

Blake Britton
Colin Burns
Deedee Cheriel
Lori D
Carson Ellis
Steve Ellis
Jonny Fenix
Nikki Fenix
Jeremy Fish
David Hochbaum
Jon Humphries
Dave K
Mel Kadel
Travis Lindquist
Travis Millard
Clint Peterson
Michael Sieben

For Immediate Release:

Blake Britton is a Portland-based sculptor, artist and production designer. He recently was diagnosed with brain cancer and is, in less than two months, expecting his first child. His talented artist friends and peers from New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland have rallied around him donating work for the L I F T E D exhibition - a one night only event, at the Wieden + Kennedy gallery. With such a connected circle of extraordinary artists, an exhibition is the appropriate way to raise money to help with huge medical costs and mortgage payments but also to celebrate life and the making of art itself.

See Blake's work at:

by The Britton Project

Update on Blake

We would firstly like to thank our friends at P’s & Q’s for their generosity and hosting their benefit in our honor yesterday, and to those of you who came out to show your support and get spoiled with delicious food and beautiful smiles.  We continue to be touched by the outpouring of support we receive each day from our community.  Blake is amazing and improves day by day, he has never lost his sense of humor, remains positive, and is dedicated to his recovery. 

Blake had a PET scan last week to determine if there were any other areas of concern throughout the rest of his body. This came out clean, which is the best news we could have asked for.  He has seemingly “stumped” the neuropathologists who are examining his tumor as the tissue itself is quite difficult to accurately diagnose. We do feel that we are in great hands with his oncology team and anticipate his radiation treatments to begin this coming week.  We so appreciate their time and dedication to getting his diagnosis correct as it greatly affects his course of treatment, and their caution in this matter is admirable. 

We will write more as we know, but wish you to know how simply grateful we are for each and every one of you, and remind you to enjoy each day. 

Love, Blake and Vicki

by The Britton Project
P's & Q's Market
This Sunday
March 16th from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
All profits go to Blake and Vicki!

Sunday…bacon & brisket hash with a fried egg, kale, sweet potato, apple & a simple salad. Why not a coppa fried egg, arugula, paprika & sriracha mayo on a potato bun? How about oatmeal with poached pears, currants, walnuts, male syrup & milk? Kick back with a cup of superb drip coffee or a mimosa.

P's & Q's Market owners Emily Anderson and Paul Davis welcome you to their sweet neighborhood market and eatery where the focus is on roots, community and very fine cooking.

As the Portland Mercury describes him, Davis has been "a cook in Portland for years, with long stints at Kenny and Zuke's, Broder, Podnah's Pit, and Dove Vivi. Those years are evident in his well-composed plates…Grandmother Hawley's biscuits with West Virginia tomato gravy and an egg ($7.50) are actually those of his grandmother, Mrs. Hawley. His roast beef sandwich ($8)—the bright, cleanly flavored meat perfectly rosy and tender at the middle—is filled with peppery arugula, paper-thin radishes, and a spread of butter. A winter-proof BLT (tomato jam takes the place of tomatoes) showcases his thick, house-made molasses bacon between two perfectly gridled slabs of Woodlawn brioche ($9.50)."

Pick items from the artfully composed shelves of well-selected staples and stay on for one of their scrumptious dinner specials.

Enjoy a glass from a well-chosen selection of wines or a cold Oregon draft while listening to the upbeat grooves of Portland's own jazz trio, The United Notions.

100% of profits go to Blake and Vicki!

Thank you Paul and Emily!

(Paying in cash is the best thanks of all.)

P's & Q's Market
1301 NE Dekum St
Portland, OR 97211
Brunch: 9-1
Lunch & Dinner 1-9
Live Music 7:30

by The Britton Project

Thank you everyone for making last night’s event at Dove Vivi a terrific success! It was a fantastic turnout and so wonderful to see the community of family and friends -- old and new -- rally for the cause.

The love doesn’t stop!

Sunday, March 16th

The generous and gracious folks at  P's & Q's Market will be donating a day of profits to Blake and family. Please come out and enjoy some fantastic food, drinks and the music of jazz trio  The United Notions!!!!


P’s & Q’s Market
1301 NE Dekum St
Portland, OR 97211
Brunch: 9-1
Lunch & Dinner 1-9
Live Music 7:30

by The Britton Project
Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder that this Wednesday, March 5th from 4-10 pm, 100% of all sales and tips at Dove Vivi Pizza will go to Blake and Vicki.
A Portland Monthly Editor's Pick, the magazine said the following about this awesome restaurant:

"According to legend, the recipe for Dove Vivi’s crusts has its origins decades ago in what might be called a taxicab kidnapping. Eventually, by a circuitous route, the crust ended up in the possession of owners Delane and Gavin Blackstock. There remains something distinctly mysterious and foreign, perhaps even...Californian, about this crust, but it is inarguably good. An amalgamation of locally milled organic cornmeal, Washington-grown wheat flour, olive oil, salt, and yeast results in a half-inch-thick slice, elaborately textured and slightly crispy. Sink your incisors into the kitchen’s cult classic: fresh sweet corn, smoked mozzarella, and balsamic red onions. But check the specials list for unlikely combos and the realization that, somehow, handcrafted corned beef, sauerkraut, and zucchini pickle relish make sense on a cornmeal crust served in a humble, fun-loving neighborhood spot."
Dove Vivi
2727 NE Glisan St
Portland, OR 97232
Cheers to Delane, Gavin and Dove's huge-hearted staff for coming up with this fantastic event together!

Looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces there!!!

by The Britton Project

We are pleased to be able to tell you about some exciting new ways to help Blake and family!

The first of many great events is happening from 4pm-10pm Wednesday, March 5th at Dove Vivi Pizzeria - home to so many friends who are putting everything they’ve got into Blake’s recovery:

“100% of sales and tips Wednesday, March 5th, will go directly to Vicki & Blake Britton.  Vicki has been working as a server at Dove for 6 1/2 years; she and her husband have been dear friends for many more. By coming and celebrating with friends and family the first Wednesday in March, you can help support them.  All money made that evening will be donated directly to a fund to pay for medical bills.  Our staff is volunteering their time to make this possible.  Please join us next Wednesday to honor our loved ones, offer them assistance, and embrace the power of community."

Whether picking up a to-go order or dining-in, we hope to see you there!!

Dove Vivi
2727 NE Glisan St
Portland, OR 97232


Also, in addition to the cloth diaper registry: (
Our good friend Carly Kimmel has worked with Vicki to create a baby gift registry through, please check it out here:

Thank you everyone for all you are doing. Blake and Vicki have said that the outpouring of your love has lifted them up and gives them confidence that they can make it through anything. 

-Team Britton

by The Britton Project

Hello family, and friends – We are we are beyond excited by the response to the YouCaring fundraiser website! The love, words, well wishes and donations you have sent have brought so much joy to us all, especially to Blake and Vicki. We’ve crossed the $33,000 mark just 4 days after posting the site. We are amazed, thankful and hopeful that the momentum won’t stop. Because of your help, we can achieve our goal.

Blake is incredible. He’s up, moving and laughing often. Vicki is a champion, full of positivity and light. We are still waiting on the pathology report to determine what type of cancer he has and what the treatment plan will be moving forward.

A message from Blake and Vicki:

Throughout the past week, we have faced many challenges and emotions, held up by the love and support we have received, in overwhelming amounts, by our family, friends, and community.  Each day, Blake continues to gain strength and clarity, which we attribute to the many blessings we have received from each and every one of you.  To be so surrounded by love, from a community that reaches so vastly outside our physical locale, gives us the strength and faith to know that with the gift of each day, we will overcome this as stronger and more loving human beings. 

Simultaneously, a team of volunteers, friends and family has taken up the task of easing our every stressor. We would like to extend our greatest gratitude to those offering healing nutrition, those preparing our home for our new little love, those organizing the many fundraising opportunities that we learn about after the fact and all of those who have offered us their kindness and positivity.  We feel truly blessed by the response from this challenge and the clear demonstration of the power of love and light that a community can have on the healing process. 

Thank you, we love you back.


We’ve had many questions about what people can do for the baby. We’ve set up an account at Tidee Didee cloth diaper service. You can donate towards diapers at:

The account is under: Blake and Vicki Britton.

Please click on the “Subscribe to Updates” link on the YouCaring site ( to find out how Blake, Vicki and baby are doing.

Thank you again for all the love and support.

- Team Britton



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