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Beneficiary: Blake Britton and Family Organizer: The Britton Project

Our dear friend Blake Britton, an accomplished sculptor, talented production designer, and meticulous craftsman was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma in February. 

At that time, he was eagerly preparing for the arrival of his baby boy when an incessant headache, vomiting, and disorientation brought him to the emergency room. An MRI revealed a bleeding mass on the frontal lobe of his brain. The next morning, with a crowd of family and friends camped out in hospital waiting room, a neurosurgeon removed a malignant tumor the size of a baseball.

Following surgery, Blake and his wife Vicki spent the summer getting to know their newborn baby boy, hopeful of Blake’s recovery.  However, in early October, a nagging pain in Blake’s right hip raised reasons for concern.  A CT scan was performed and biopsy later confirmed that the cancer had metastasized within the bones of his hip socket. Extensive surgery was performed to remove it, including a total hip replacement with removal and reconstruction of effected surrounding structures. 

A month after surgery, when Blake should have been well into the healing process, the pain was only increasing and becoming less and less manageable. Subsequent imaging discovered extensive cancer progression throughout his pelvis and metastasis to the lungs. Treatment is now primarily focused on the complicated nature of pain control and maintaining his quality of life. Blake has recently completed a new series of radiation treatments that will be followed by chemotherapy.  

This beautiful family has met all of these challenges with astounding courage, graciously humoring their friends’ and families’ questions and meeting offers of support with open arms. While they could have turned fully inward and shied away from public vulnerability, they’ve instead allowed us all be a part of celebrating their lives in all its complexity and in so doing, have taught us all how to be more fully loving and open with each other and ourselves.

Let’s celebrate them now by doing whatever we can do to reduce their financial concerns and free them to focus on living as fully together as possible.

With hearts full of gratitude,

The Britton Project


Through the success of our first round of fundraising with this site we were able to raise a remarkable $63,000!!  The funds have gifted Blake and Vicki the time and ability to focus both on their new family and Blake's healing process. With new triumphs and new struggles, the love story goes on. We've raised the goal and with your support, we can meet it! Thank you everyone!!

No contribution is too small, whatever you can give is greatly appreciated.  


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Blake Britton
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Portland, Oregon 97286

Please see Blake’s work at: and spread the word.


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