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Blake Britton is an accomplished sculptor, talented production designer, and meticulous craftsman. He is also a funny, music-loving, happily-married man. One month ago, he also appeared to be a healthy one.


Along side his wife, Vicki, he was eagerly working to get the house ready for the arrival of their baby boy. Less than a month ago, he developed recurring headaches. Next, the vomiting started. They wondered if it could be migraines or the flu. He continued to work, but soon found he couldn’t hold anything down.


Last week his wife and friends began to notice a rapid decline in Blake’s health. His symptoms became more severe than migraines or the flu. Blake wasn’t acting like himself. Talkative, attentive, hard-working Blake was suddenly withdrawn and disoriented.

Blake’s wife took him to the doctor. He was told it was stress and was given a shot of Ibuprofen and sent home. The next day, his symptoms continued to worsen. Encouraged by his wife and friends, Blake was taken to the emergency room. An MRI revealed a bleeding mass on the frontal lobe of his brain. The next morning, with a crowd of family and friends camped out in hospital waiting room, a neurosurgeon removed a malignant tumor the size of a baseball.


In the coming days, the pathology report will disclose the type of cancer Blake and Vicki are facing. This will determine the prognosis and the chemotherapy and radiation regimen to come.


Out of pocket medical expenses and lost wages are a terrible financial burden for anyone facing major illness. While Blake and Vicki were migrating to their new health plan, effective March 1st, they took a high deductible plan in the interim. Unfortunately, that’s when this happened.


It will be a long time before the full cost of Blake’s treatment and recovery are known. With your support we’ll help Blake and Vicki through this financially difficult time so they can focus on getting healthy and preparing for the birth of their first son who is due in early May. 

No contribution is too small, whatever you can give is greatly appreciated.  

Please see Blake’s work at:


If you would like to make a recurring donation to help Blake and Vicki with monthly expenses or want to make a wire transfer please click the “Contact the Organizer” button below. 

Please make donations in excess of $500 through your personal PayPal account or contact us below to make arrangements.

Please mail cash or check donations to:

Blake Britton
P.O. Box 86158
Portland, Oregon 97286

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