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Imagine hoping and praying for a baby for years. Imagine trying everything under the sun and being disappointed and heartbroken time and time again. Imagine finally seeing those blessed 2 pink lines and confirming that you are, in fact, pregnant. Imagine that first ultrasound; being greeted with 2 heartbeats: TWINS! Imagine that amidst your joy, celebration, and planning, you find out that one of your precious babies has a heart that's just not quite right. Imagine spending the rest of your pregnancy fearing for your little one. Imagine their arrival into this world; one strong and healthy, the other with a rare diagnosis: heterotaxy.
This is the reality for sweet Avery and the Kalk family; something most of us cannot even imagine. Watch Avery's story, told by her mommy, and see why Avery so desperately needs and deserves all of our help.
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