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Team Todd

$17,929raised of $20,000 goal

Organizer: Jimmy Looney and Shane Stacks Beneficiary: Todd Mills

Friends, military veterans, musicians: Join "Team Todd" and help our brother, Todd Mills. He is facing a life-threatening health issue & will need our help to cover inevitable medical expenses.

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During his courageous battle with brain and lung cancer, Todd never lost hope and maintained his ever-positive attitude. Sadly,  he passed away on Thanksgiving morning. Todd leaves behing a loving wife, and two beautiful daughters, aged 19 and 6.  He also leaves behind many friends, fellow military veterans, and many members of the local music community who continue to donate their money and time to assist the Mills family while they are paying enormous medical expenses. We invite you to join Team Todd to ensure that the Mills family doesn't have to face their challenges alone.
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by Jimmy Looney and Shane Stacks
Enjoy this news story and video tribute to our friend, Todd Mills. And please continue to donate to Mills family.  Team Todd!!!

by Jimmy Looney and Shane Stacks
As many of you may have heard by now, Todd passed away on the morning of 11/28 after his courageous battle with cancer. Thank you for all who have, and continue to support the Mills family. Incoming medical bills, and now, funeral expenses, will be a difficult financial burden to bear. Please continue to donate and/or spread the word to help make these trying times a little less difficult. Blessings to all of you.

by Jimmy Looney and Shane Stacks
Thanks to your generous donations, Team Todd has surpassed our initial goal of 10K! We are sitting at $10,450 and climbing! Please continue to donate if you can, and spread the word. Please keep the Mills family in your thoughts and prayers through these difficult and critical days. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving...and thank you.

by Jimmy Looney and Shane Stacks
Team Todd is closing in on 9K!  It's payday. For many of us, so get in here and let's make it happen!

by Jimmy Looney and Shane Stacks
Todd's surgery seems to have gone very well today. Doctor's removed half of his right lung. He will be in ICU for a few days, the moved to a regular room for a few more. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers as he recovers. Team Todd!

by Jimmy Looney and Shane Stacks
Team Todd update from our pal, Shane Stacks:

"OK so the latest I know from Todd after talking with him yesterday.

He is recovering well from the brain surgery and is in good spirits and has a good attitude.

Originally they were going to go after the lung cancer with radiation and chemotherapy, but the doctor then decided that he is going to remove a third of one of his lungs and then do chemo after that. The lung surgery is this Tuesday and then he will be in recovery for a few days. Evidently the lung surgery should get all of the mass in his lung.

Given that Todd has stage 4 cancer that had spread from his lungs to his brain stem his prognosis and treatment so far is actually pretty good. As he put it, it's a best case of a worst case scenario.

That's all I know medical-wise. He said work is being extremely cool with him during all of this. He mentioned he probably wouldn't be working again until after Thanksgiving, but I don't know if he meant just his freelancing or his day job as well.

He is very encouraged and appreciative of the help and fundraising and etc.



by Jimmy Looney and Shane Stacks
We're $65 away from reaching 6K!  Who's gonna put over the top to our next milestone?

by Jimmy Looney and Shane Stacks

Thanks to all of your generosity and kindness, we are nearing the $5,000 mark, in only one week! You guys are incredible! Please continue to spread the word about Team Todd with your friends and family.  Every little bit helps! -JL

by Jimmy Looney and Shane Stacks
Team Todd update from our friend, Shane Stacks:

"Update on Todd.

I called Ginger today to see if he was in a regular room (as opposed to ICU) yet because I was going to go visit him if so. She said he was in a regular room but they were about to let him go home and rest for a couple of days.

On Monday he starts some appointments dealing with possible lung surgery, radiation and chemo. Nothing is for sure yet but the spot on his lungs came back malignant. They don't know what stage his lung cancer is in yet and hope to learn early next week.

From what I understand from Ginger and Jimmy / Amanda, the brain surgery was a success and they got everything. Last I heard results were not conclusive on whether that was malignant.


by Jimmy Looney and Shane Stacks

Team Todd update:

First, the bad news. The spot on Todd's lungs was found to be cancerous.

Now, the good news. If the cancer hasn't spread, the oncologists are going after it aggressively. Please keep Todd and his family in your thoughts and prayers as Team Todd tackles this next challenge.

Please keep the donations rolling in. You guys have surpassed $3,000 in only 5 days! $5, $10, $20, $100? Doesn't matter. Whatever you can afford to give will help.

by Jimmy Looney and Shane Stacks
Thanks to your incredible generosity, we've passed $1,700.00 in less than 48 hours! Keep in mind, this fundraiser runs through 12/31/13. So, if you are unable to donate now, there is still time. You might also consider making smaller contributions each payday! Whatever works for your budget. Either way, it all helps! Go Team Todd!

by Jimmy Looney and Shane Stacks
When making a donation, you will see the name, Shane Stacks, in the contribution site. Shane is a trusted friend of both me and Todd. Since he had a pre-existing Paypal account, Shane will be the point man on collecting contributions and delivering them to the Mills family. Now, let's keep those donations coming!





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