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Beneficiary: Kaitlyn Okolita Organizer: Barbara Shaw and Cathy Troisi

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Katie was experiencing headaches, dizzyness and after a seizure, the family took Katie to the ER.  Observed and discharged within 1 hour, Katie had to follow up with a Neuroogist the next day.  After her meeting with the Doctor, he sent Katie for more testing. During the 2 weeks while waiting for her MRI, Katie experienced dizzyness,  headaches and fatigue.  Once the MRI was complete, Katie was admitted to the hospital for further evaluation.  Several more tests were done and the unimaginable words came out of the Doctors mouth.  "Your 12 year old daughter has Brain Cancer."  

The family needs our help.  As Katie starts her crusade to kick cancers butt, her family will need help with travel expenses, lost wages, and medication costs.  

We will always be by Katie's side to help her get better and we are STRENGTHENED by all the kindness and support we receive.

Please make a donation for Katie to help us SURPASS our fundraising goal, then share this site with others so they may also contribute.  All donations go DIRECTLY to the family.  If you prefer to send a check instead of using your 
PayPal account or Credit card; please mail to the follow address:
The Okolita Family
307 Greenwood Avenue
Florham Park, NJ 07932
Please make checks out to Kaitlyn Okolita.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.
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