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Team Cody

$2,824raised of $5,000 goal

Organizer: Debbie Keith Beneficiary: Cody Rapp

Uninsured young father paralyzed in freak accident.

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Even at only 22, Cody has always been more mature than his age.  Being the oldest of three kids, he was the one his younger brother and sister always looked up to. Needless to say, he was ecstatic when he found out he was going to be a father.  He and his fiance, Lacey, were over the moon with the birth of their baby boy, Charlie, now 3 months old. With the economy being what it is, jobs are so hard to find and Cody interviewed so many places to try and find something he could do that would support his family and provide insurance and a stable home life for his fiance, son and grandmother, who also lives with them.  God answered prayers when he found a job and had just started work only for a couple of weeks when his friends had taken him out for a "guys night" to celebrate.  It was not his first time on a mechanical bull but unfortunately, it was this one time on it that left him paralyzed and forever changed his life in an instant.  He was brought to The Elvis Presley Regional Medical Center in Memphis, one of the best trauma units in the south, and has been in TICU since. He is struggling to breathe and get enough oxygen in his lungs and has had numerous surgeries to try and improve his condition and many the associated aliments that accompany being paralyzed.  Because he is uninsured, and Lacey had to take a leave of absence from her job to be with him, he needs financial support for his family to cover simple things like baby formula, diapers and food.  Expenses they were able to cover before, but this has now placed his family in a dire financial situation. Even to cover parking at the hospital and the gas to get here has been covered by generous friends and caring family.  They need to prepare for the things he will need once he has been released from the hospital which, will be months from now.  Please help this family to get the simple things they need to live, and to relieve the burden of worry.  There are so many things ahead of them that they don't even know they'll face yet. Even $5.00 can make a difference.  Please give.  God Bless
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by Debbie Keith
Update: Thursday was a bad day for Cody; possibly one of the worse for him and the scariest for me.  We were informed yesterday morning that yet again his lung had deflated and another chest tube would have to be put in.  After the procedure x-rays showed the lung was filling with air, however,  all day he complained that he did not feel was not getting enough oxygen and was under a lot of stress ...and tremendous pain and his blood pressure was low.  Because of the low blood pressure they were not able to give him the medication he needed to relieve the pain.  His condition continued to deteriorate and around 9pm he went into respiratory arrest and they had to call a Code Blue.  He had to be intubated and a camera was placed in lungs which showed they were full of fluid and mucus.  He has been moved back to TICU and is heavily sedated and his lungs were suctioned to remove as much of the mucus as they could get out.  Right now he is in critical care but stable and resting but continues to have an issue with the deflated lung.  That is all we know until they decide how to proceed.  We will keep you updated as we know more.

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by Debbie Keith
Yesterday Cody had his chest tubes removed and was making good progress. Late last night he could feel his lung filling with fluid and it was making "sloshing" noises every time he inhaled. (The same noise your tummy makes when you only have liquid in it) This morning we were informed that his left lung had collapsed again and he will be getting another chest tube put in today; a very painful procedure. This is the 5th time his lung has collapsed. He will most likely undergo another lung surgery within the next couple of days. He just can't catch a break. He takes one step forward and is knocked two steps back.
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