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Every fairy tale goes a little something like this: the princess meets up with her prince and they live happily ever after. That’s what we all would like to believe in – happy endings where love wins out and conquers all.

Once upon a time…

Beth, a nursing student at Arizona State, met her best friend, Jason, at a Diamondbacks baseball game. Amid the boisterous crowd and Jason’s equally boisterous friends, Beth and Jason exchanged numbers and so began their relationship. Every day since their first meeting, they had to be together - the princess and her soon-to-be prince.  Their love blossomed as a friendship and grew, over time, into a love story that was meant to be. As Beth tells it, “Jason and I were best friends from the beginning, which is how I knew we would end up married and together forever.” Forever began on October 1, 2009 with a small, simple beach wedding. “Friends forever…united in love” 

Forever is now in jeopardy. This fairy tale love story of Princess Beth and her beloved Prince Jason is being threatened by the evil scepter of cancer. Diagnosed in May of 2012, one year after the sudden death of Beth's mother, this turn of events recast  this princess and her prince into a nightmare. At first, doctors did not know what type of cancer Jason was being ravaged by, nor what his prognosis would be. Princess Beth refused to accept uncertainty; if Beth and Jason were going to battle cancer, she wanted to know details. Amid a flurry of paperwork, MD Anderson was the place to go for an answer, and Beth and Jason got one: ureter cancer, one of the more rare forms of cancer. A rigorous plan for chemo was crafted by a team of doctors – necessary since this form of cancer is so rare. Prince Jason fights to keep going- he has had urostomy tubes to help drain his kidneys when the tumor occluded his ureters, and has recently undergone surgery for a colostomy and pain pump. The deepest and most painful cut- he can no longer hold his 2 year old son, Beckett.

How do you tell a little boy, a precious prince himself, that Daddy is sick, in a fight for his life? That Daddy wants to be there when he learns to play baseball- a passion Daddy loved? Beckett just wants to be nestled in the love and security of Daddy’s arms... his innocence prevents him from understanding that Jason is fighting for the chance to hold him, and Mommy, once again. Yet, even being so innocent, Beckett is perceptive enough to know that something is wrong. He gives Beth and Jason kisses when he sees their tears, and asks "payers {prayers} for my dad?"; he is just like Prince Jason, kind, nurturing and compassionate.

Such a young couple in love with a beautiful son – ready and willing to make a difference in each other’s lives. Princess Beth tends to others’ needs as an ICU nurse, working nights full time to support her family, and attending school part time to become a Nurse Practitioner. Prince Jason delivers messages from loved ones as a UPS employee, although currently on disability. Their plan was to have more children and enjoy their careers, family and count their blessings. 

The medical bills are daunting and multiplying at a staggering rate; just one of Jason’s chemo medications is $9000. In Beth’s own words, “
I have no vacation time at work and I'm not quite sure how we'll do it, but we have to. They (MD Anderson staff) are more hopeful down there and they are the ones that are ordering his chemo. Even with insurance the bills are cumbersome.”

This story isn’t just some fairy tale turned tragic. This is the life Beth, Jason and Beckett now have… and it is life they are willing to fight for but they need more love and more financial help surrounding them to beat an adversary like cancer.

This family deserves a HAPPY ending. The Princess and the Prince, with their little boy, are willing to do the fighting…and for those who are touched by their honest love story, we ask that you help them reach a happy ending by making a contribution to help defray the formidable costs ahead.

“All in all...cancer sucks and it changes everything. What we, at 27 and 31, planned for a year from now has changed completely. We have to take it a day at a time and no further than that.  Sometimes minutes at a time. And at this point, we hope we get another year together. We want more but we've learned that absolutely nothing in this life is guaranteed. So we go on...."

Any donation you can afford is deeply appreciated. Passing along this story of love and hope is appreciated. The ultimate goal is for Jason to recover. The immediate goal is to help defray medical costs so this loving family can focus on positive energy and health rather than anxiety and worry about bills.

With your help, we can help write a line in Beth and Jason’s story:

And the Princess and her Prince, along with their beloved little boy, lived happily ever after.

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