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Since the day Aiden was born he has been an active little boy.  He is not one to have anything slow him down. He is a typical mischievous two year old. He loves to run, wrestle and get into everything possible with his brother. He loves sports and the outdoors. He loves to eat and talk your ear off. He has the energy most of us dream if having . All of these traits that make up our Aiden are in danger.

On Monday October 21, 2013 Aiden was taken to the doctor by his mother for an increased stomach size. Within five minutes of sitting in the doctors office we knew something was seriously wrong with Aiden. The doctor felt a mass on the left side of his stomach that was causing all his organs to move to the right side of his stomach. After a x-ray, blood test and ultrasound it was determined that it was a tumor coming out of his kidney. We were sent to Doernbechers at OHSU later that day for a CT scan to confirm. On Tuesday after the CT scan was complete every parents worst nightmare was confirmed. Aiden had cancer coming out of his left kidney. 

On Wednesday he underwent surgery to take the cantaloupe size tumor out along with his left kidney. At this time we dont know what type of cancer Aiden has until pathology reports come back. What we do know is that he will at least have chemotherapy. Once we determine what type of cancer Aiden is facing we will have a better idea of how long treatments will take.

in the meantime Aidens parents are not working so they can put their full attention towards Aiden, his brother Jasper and their family. Anything you could do is greatly appreciated.  

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