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Baby Adlai is a happy 12 month old beautiful child who has been plagued by illness thoughout his short life.

After months of emergency room and numerous doctors visits going from one specialist to another he was diagnosed with congenital anomaliesSevere Tracheal Stenosis (narrowing due to a birth defect is a rare condition in which the cartilage support structure of the trachea can cause a narrowing of the airway), Pulmonary Artery Sling (This compresses the lower trachea and right mainstem bronchus, producing upper airway symptoms).  His trachea is currently the size of a 3 mo old premature infant.  He has one enlarged right kidney and he has fused and missing vertebrae along with fused ribs and Esoptropia, which is the in-turning of one or both eyes.  

is scheduled to have surgery on June 26, 
2013, at The Children's Hospital in Colorado which will be a Slide Treacheoplasty on bypass to reconstruct his trachea and pulmonary artery sling.  This procedure will also require a blood transfusion.  Without this surgery Adlai will not make it through another winter.  In addition, the family will be required to stay at or near the hospital for the following month as well as additional surgeries in the near future.  This particular surgery is not common and is going to cost over $200,000. A few weeks after the surgery Adlai will have to undergo Strabismus Surgery to fix the Esotropia. Strabismus surgery strengthens or weakens eye muscles, which changes the alignment of the eyes relative to each other.

We are a young family with two other children who are very worried about their baby brother.  We would truly appreciate any monetary donations as well as your prayers for this upcoming surgery and the after care required.

Please help if you can.  Donations can be made through the give now tab located above. You can also drop off or mail checks to ACPE Federal Credit Union care of Adlai's Medical Fund 2835 E Grand Ave. Laramie WY 82072

Thank you and God Bless.

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