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Sweet Baby Adlai Needs Your Help

$15,622raised of $60,000 goal

Organizer: Caroline Beneficiary: Adlai

Please help support 12 mo old baby Adlai and his family with extensive med expenses as he undergoes surgery to repair his tracheal stenosis & pulmonary artery sling.This is a life threatening illness.

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Baby Adlai is a happy 12 month old beautiful child who has been plagued by illness thoughout his short life.

After months of emergency room and numerous doctors visits going from one specialist to another he was diagnosed with congenital anomaliesSevere Tracheal Stenosis (narrowing due to a birth defect is a rare condition in which the cartilage support structure of the trachea can cause a narrowing of the airway), Pulmonary Artery Sling (This compresses the lower trachea and right mainstem bronchus, producing upper airway symptoms).  His trachea is currently the size of a 3 mo old premature infant.  He has one enlarged right kidney and he has fused and missing vertebrae along with fused ribs and Esoptropia, which is the in-turning of one or both eyes.  

is scheduled to have surgery on June 26, 
2013, at The Children's Hospital in Colorado which will be a Slide Treacheoplasty on bypass to reconstruct his trachea and pulmonary artery sling.  This procedure will also require a blood transfusion.  Without this surgery Adlai will not make it through another winter.  In addition, the family will be required to stay at or near the hospital for the following month as well as additional surgeries in the near future.  This particular surgery is not common and is going to cost over $200,000. A few weeks after the surgery Adlai will have to undergo Strabismus Surgery to fix the Esotropia. Strabismus surgery strengthens or weakens eye muscles, which changes the alignment of the eyes relative to each other.

We are a young family with two other children who are very worried about their baby brother.  We would truly appreciate any monetary donations as well as your prayers for this upcoming surgery and the after care required.

Please help if you can.  Donations can be made through the give now tab located above. You can also drop off or mail checks to ACPE Federal Credit Union care of Adlai's Medical Fund 2835 E Grand Ave. Laramie WY 82072

Thank you and God Bless.

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by Caroline


Adlai is doing very well right now. He is so happy and energetic. We didn't notice the difference in his energy levels and how long of naps he had taken until after the surgery.

Tomorrow Adlai will undergo Bronchoscopy and strabismus surgery

Keep the prayers coming so he will continue to stay healthy and get over this last hurtle.

We can't thank everyone enough for all the wonderful prayers and support he has and continues to receive.

by Caroline

We are extremely happy to inform everyone that Adlai had another broncoscopy this morning and the doctors said he looks amazing. He will finally be able to go back home to Grand Junction! His next visit will be in six weeks where he will have another broncoscopy and the strabismus surgery.

We will continue to keep everyone updated throughout the process.

We cannot thank everyone enough for all of your thoughts, prayers and support throughout this journey.

As Adlai undergoes the recovery process please continue to pray for him. He is truly an inspiration and a little superhero to so many people.

by Caroline


Today Adlai had his Bronchoscopy procedure and it went very well. The doctors said it is healing just as it should. His stitches were also removed and they said the incisions look great.

Unfortunately, Adlai had a fever right before the procedure this morning and the doctors decided to do some blood work and X-rays to see if there was an infection. They will also be doing a cardiogram to check for fluid around the heart.

They decided to admit him in the hospital at least for tonight to monitor the fever and start any antibiotics if necessary. We will keep you updated as we find out more information.

We are praying there is no infection and hoping its just a virus he is fighting.

Please keep Sweet Adlai in your thoughts and prayers.



by Caroline
We are so happy to inform everyone that Adlai was released from the hospital last night. The doctors say he is recovering wonderfully.

Yesterday, before he was released, the doctor preformed a echocardiogram. He said the left pulmonary artery is narrow and his left lung is only at 40% compared to the right which is 60%. They stated that as of right now it will be ok. We are praying it will just grow with him and not require future intervention. 

Friday he will have to go back to The Childrens Hospital for another broncoscopy as well as having his stitches removed. We are still in Denver for possibly a couple more weeks depending on how Friday goes. The doctors said the first two weeks are critical, so we just have to keep him healthy and continue to pray that he stays on a successful road to recovery.

Thanks again for all your continued prayers and support. Although we have a long road ahead, we have faith he will be ok. Please continue to pray for our little superhero.

by Caroline
Adlai underwent surgery Wednesday morning and after nine long hours of anticipation we were finally able to see his sweet face. 

The surgery went just as planned. He had a rough night but did remarkably well his first full day progressing quicker than expected. Today has been a pretty rough day not being able to keep fluids down and Adlai had to go back on an IV. A couple of hours ago he was finally to keep food down. 

He is still in ICU but we are hoping he will be able to move to the cardiac progression unit by Monday.

We cant thank everyone enough for all the prayers and support Adlai has received. Please continue to pray for him through his recovery.

by Caroline
We just arrived in Denver and are getting ready to head to The Children's Hospital for Adlai's pre-op appointments today. We are less than 24 hours away from the surgery now and are extremely nervous.

At this point all we can do is keep praying and hoping for the best.

We would like to thank everyone for their continued prayers and support and would be extremley grateful if everyone could put in a few extra prayers today and tomorrow.

by Caroline
Adlai had a wonderful weekend and was able to meet some new family from out of state.

His benefit concert was a complete success and we had a great turnout!! We would like to thank everyone who came out to support him.

We are just about a week away from the surgery. As each day passes we become more anxious and scared but all we can do is pray and have faith.

We would like to thank everyone for their continued prayers and support. 

by Caroline
One year ago today we were blessed with a beautiful loving sweet boy. Happy First Birthday Sweet Adlai!

Today also marks exactly two weeks until the surgery. Adlai still has a little cold but we are happy to say he is at the end of it. We are hoping he stays healthy from here on out. 

We had a great time at Adlai's benefit this past Saturday and experienced a huge amount of support from the local community. We are very blessed to have so many people who care and support him.

We would like to thank everyone for their continued prayers and support.

by Caroline
Adlai seems to have come down wtih a slight cold this last week. We made a visit to the doctors office Friday and she said if he gets worse they would like to do a test to see if he has an infection. We are praying it's just a cold and hope he gets better soon and stays healthy from here on out. Other than the cold he is doing fairly well.

Yesterday we had a couple of visitors from KKCONEWS who wanted to do a story on Adlai. You can see the interview and story at

We are very blessed that KKCO news station here in grand junction wanted to do a story on our little boy.

We would like to thank everyone for their continued prayers and support as we get closer to the surgery date.

by Caroline
Adlai is still doing well. He had a wonderful weekend celebrating his first birthday with family and friends. 

We are a little less than a month away from the surgery now. We would like to thank everyone for their contiued prayers and support for Sweet Adlai.

by Caroline
Adlai had a wonderful weekend. Since his birthday is right before the surgery we decided to celebrate  it early. We spent the weekend getting a few things to celebrate his 1st birthday. We are looking forward to celebrating with family and friends. We are so excited for his big day!

Adlai continues to do well. We are hoping he stays that way!

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support and prayers for Sweet Adlai on this long journey!

by Caroline
Adlai and his brothers had a great weekend celebrating Mother's Day with the family. He helped make mom breakfast and painted her a beautiful picture. What a great weekend. 

Adlai Continues to remain healthy and is very happy. We have just a little over a month until the surgery so it is very important that he stays healthy. We would like to thank everyone for their continued support and prayers which are greatly appreciated.

by Caroline
We would like to thank everyone for their generous donations and kind words for Adlai. It's amazing to have such wonderful people who are willing to show so much support for others. We are happy to say we have been able to pay off some of Adlai's medical bills from previous doctor visits with the donations we have revieced. 

by Caroline
Adlai is doing great today he has not been sick for about a month! We want him strong and healthy for the surgery!! He is becoming very active as he sees his brothers running and jumping around all the time. He is able to sit up and make small attempts to crawl!!! He is a strong sweet little guy! Please continue the prayers and support for our sweet boy! If you would like to make a donation you could do so by clicking the give now tab or you could mail checks to ACPE Federal Credit Union 2835 E. Grand Ave. Laramie WY, 82072 on behalf of The Adlai Lemus Medical Fund. Thank you again for your support on this long journey!!! 





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