Surgery for Riley

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Beneficiary: Shandaken Animal Volunteer Effort (S.A.V.E.) Organizer: Shandaken Animal Volunteer Effort

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The Shandaken Animal Volunteer Effort  (S.A.V.E.) was founded to assist the Town of Shandaken's efforts in it's rescue and adoption of unwanted dogs abandoned in our town. We supplement the medical needs of the dogs for which the town has no means.

We are seeking funds for a corrective knee surgery for one of our resident dogs - Riley, a young male American Staffordshire terrier. Riley suffers a patellar luxation, a dislocated kneecap which is causing pain and lameness. Surgery is required to stabilize and stop the wear and tear on the cartilage. The surgery will not only return Riley to the pain-free happy, loving and sweet dog that he is but also increase his chances for finding his forever home.

South Peak Veterinary Hospital in Woodstock estimated the surgery to be $1,917.18.

S.A.V.E. supports a small town shelter that cares for six dogs at any one time with a limited yearly budget. We take care of the needs of the dogs that the town can't  - with active volunteer work to excercise the dogs and assist with the adoption efforts.

Right now, we are seeking donations to supplement our yearly budget which the surgery would effectively reduce to zero for the remainder of 2014 for any other dogs who would come into our care. We currently have two dogs in our care - Riley and Jack.

Any donated amount - $1, $5, $10, $20 - toward Riley's surgery would be so greatly appreciated.

Thank you from all of us at S.A.V.E. 'Woof'
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