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He’s home and feeling good, but there's more on the horizon

Ian and his parents returned home from Pittsburg last week after a successful surgery to remove 2/3 of his esophagus, a portion of the upper stomach, and the addition of a new surgical connection, or anastomosis. He left there after about 3 weeks with a slew of new friends (or fans more like it). He’s home and recovering at Supra-speed, but…

Although the surgery went absolutely as well as could be expected, of the 31 lymph nodes removed, several revealed microscopic cancer cells, and, there is a small indication on his liver. This is not entirely unexpected. Jackie, Ian's mom, has talked to at least one new friend who was in the same situation 17 years ago who now lives a normal, cancer-free life. In other words, hope prevails! And, despite the news that four more rounds of chemo are on the near horizon, Ian remains steadfast with the same vigor that’s carried him this far.

Since his diagnosis in January he's been in an excruciating fight of a lifetime; yet Ian Supra never stopped living up to his potential. He maintained his grades to graduate on time; he applied and was accepted to UCF where he'll start classes next year; he's directed our attention to others in need, and taught us that community matters and neighbors really can love one another.

Chemo will be administered in Orlando after August 4th under the collaborative direction of Dr. Zehngebot at Florida Hospital and Ian's oncologist from University of Pittsburg. For the time being though, Ian’s enjoying the summer jamming with friends and planning a swim with the dolphins at Discovery Cove!

He has persevered so much so far, with more on the horizon. I hope you’ll join me in lending community support and financial aid as we introduce the next round of fundraising.  

Funds raised will offset Ian's ongoing, massive medical expenses; permit collaborative treatment options beyond Orlando, and offer reprieves between excruciating treatments.




by Ian's Goalies
Dear friends of Ian,

As the next stage of Ian's journey begins we've started a new fundraiser where updates and announcements can be found, and donations can be made. For the latest update about his surgery and upcoming events please check out:


by Ian's Goalies
A 24-hour pray vigil is underway. Your name will make a difference. Sign up and more information here:

by Ian's Goalies
July 2

That's the day Ian will undergo surgery at the University of Pittsburg Medical Center under the expert hands of Dr. James Luketich.

If you'd like to participate in a 24-hour prayer circle let me know and I'll send you a sign up sheet in a few days.

Here we go.

by Ian's Goalies

The War Continues

Ian was back in the hospital after completing round five of chemotherapy. This time the standard blood work done upon admission didn’t deliver the joyful news we’ve become accustomed to; Ian’s CEA levels have risen. Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) provides information about how well the treatment is working. So what’s next?


No conference necessary. The bottom part of the esophagus needs to go. The top part of the stomach needs to go. The surgery needs to happen at the University of Pittsburg Medical Center under the expert hands of Dr. James Luketich.

And we need to crank this little engine back up big-time.

Stay tuned.



by Ian's Goalies

The war continues; but this battle is nearly won

Ian’s mom Jackie headed back to the hospital today but this time with a big smile on her face as she was greeted by her coworker’s cheers. That’s because yesterday’s meeting with Dr. Zehngebot, Ian’s oncologist, revealed a new norm:

  1. There is NO cancer in the lymph nodes
  2. There is NO cancer in the liver
  3. There is only a small 4mm tumor left – a VAST improvement from where this journey began

For the next three weeks Jackie can go back to work and Ian’s life will go back to normal. He’ll live it up at the water polo banquet; get a little cray-cray on senior skip day, and graduate on June 3 where he will take the walk as perhaps the most gratified person ever to cross the academic stage.

How he got here:

Last week was Ian’s fourth chemo round; it landed him in ICU and in the hospital for about a week. It was horrible, but throughout the ordeal, Ian was Ian. I was there when a transport orderly arrived to wheel him, in his bed, from ICU to a CAT scan. It was the third CAT scan in 24 hours and although he was too weak to get out of the bed, he learned that the orderly was starting nursing school so he lit up with an Ian-style pep talk that motivated all of us. I was there when off-duty nurses and doctors popped in to say hi to Ian for no reason other than to see him. I was there for only two hours on ONE day!

Here’s this kid in ICU… people came to see him because seeing Ian just makes you feel good. He has that effect on people. He has that effect on me. So does his mom. God works in mysterious ways and I can’t say I approve of this particular journey, but I thank Him for allowing me a place by their side.

The next step:

The day after graduation Ian will start his fifth and hopefully last chemo round. It won’t be as fierce as round 4 but hopefully strong enough to annihilate any remaining bad cells. Once that’s complete Dr. Z will collaborate with other experts to determine what comes next. You see there’s no protocol for Ian; he’s an anomaly. According to Dr. Z, he and his colleagues will have to write the book. What a story this is turning out to be…

With Pleasure,



by Ian's Goalies
Tomorrow is state finals for Florida water polo; a day that Ian was slated to lead his team to a first-ever championship. Instead, Ian is home in the throws of his fourth chemo round, face-timing motivational pep talks to the team as he watches games online via live streaming video. 
Tomorrow also marks the end of the fundraiser. We chose this date intentionally as it marks both a beginning and an end. The end of a record-breaking high school athletic career; the beginning of a new reality. What will Ian do? I think we all know. SupraMan knows no cryptonite!
For Ian, his family, and his inner circle, thank you for being an inspirational part of this excruciating journey. Your outpouring of love is a constant source of empowerment for the rest of us. I speak on behalf of many when I say reading your messages and watching Ian's supporters approach 900 is humbling and energizing. Yet this is not goodbye! When Ian has his PET scan in a few weeks I promise to update you and I'd like to start a new fundraiser at that time, with Ian's permission. I hope you'll join us. 
With pleasure,

by Ian's Goalies
April 19, 10am
SUPRA Saturday at DPHS
  • DP vs Olympia Baseball Double Header
  • Limited edition tanks, necklaces, keychains all supporting Ian's Fight with Cancer!

April 20, Sunrise Service at Lucky's Lake Swim
  • Eat, Swim, Pray
  • Limited edition tanks, necklaces, keychains all supporting Ian's Fight with Cancer!

by Ian's Goalies
Party with Ian and us this Friday at the JW Marriott Grand Lakes only $25. Blackjack, Poker Tournament, Silent Auction, bar, LIVE entertainment, hors d'doeuvres and more.

For tickets call 407-238-3864 or visit Proceeds for Ian Supra's fight with cancer.

If coming from out of town let me know if you need a room night -- we've got ya covered, pun intended :)

by Ian's Goalies
Concert pictures are online! Thank you Brian Fox for your generous donation of time and downloads :)

by Ian's Goalies

Concert pictures are online!

To access type in your email address. The password is Supra

by Ian's Goalies

To access type in your email address. The password is Supra

by Ian's Goalies
Come to DPHS all day today and donate blood! This blood drive initially was intended for Ian but when Ian realized that he has no surgeries on the horizon he had an idea.

At the concert Sunday night Ian met the lead singer's son Theo Menswar. Theo also is also fighting cancer, but unlike Ian, Theo needs weekly blood transfusions. If you know Ian you know the rest of the story without having to read any further.

Ian has asked that the blood donated on Tuesday be designated to Theo and adds, when it's my turn I'll let you know!

That's what I call Supra.

Location: Dr. Phillips High School, 6500 Turkey Lake Road

by Ian's Goalies

SupraSong LIVE was a solid gold record-breaking hit. Absolutely off the charts, raising thousands for Ian to help him with the fight of his life.

Big thanks to Ian's performers

  • Founding member of N'Sync Chris Kirkpatrick for hosting the evening
  • Big Kettle Drum for your high-energy Americana rock that took the house down
  • and Casey Conroy. Your rendition of Superman was a beautiful tribute that brought tears to my eyes
Concert sponsor Orlando Kia and Orlando's best live music venue THE SOCIAL made the night possible and the overwhelming community support made the night magical. Thank you is an understatment.
  • Arthur's Catering
  • Chuy's
  • Jersey Mike's
  • Zaxby's
In front the camera or behind the scenes thank you to
  • Brian Fox Photography
  • Convert2Media
  • Publix Super Markets
  • and especially Jodi Spector for thinking of everything and taking the reins
On behalf of Ian, his family, and inner circle thank you to everyone. Together we’re going to help Ian do this!


by Ian's Goalies
TONIGHT! 100% of funds donated to Ian
$10 donation/ticket at the door

SupraSong LIVE!

by Ian's Goalies
Who's ready to see IAN in CONCERT?
  • Sunday night at The Beacham
  • 5-8pm Food, Music, Celebrities
  • Tickets

Tickets going fast, buy your tickets online now!

by Ian's Goalies
Who's ready to see IAN in CONCERT?
  • Sunday night at The Beacham
  • 5-8pm Food, Music, Celebrities
  • Tickets

Tickets going fast, buy your tickets online now!

by Ian's Goalies
from Tina via @SupraStrong_13: 

No matter who you are, whatever you're doing and where ever you are... Please stop what you're doing and be a prayer warrior for Ian. (He's having a cat scan which will reveal how effective the first two rounds of chemo have been in annihilating the cancer.)

by Ian's Goalies
from Tina via @SupraStrong_13: 

No matter who you are, whatever you're doing and where ever you are... Please stop what you're doing and be a prayer warrior for Ian. (He's having a cat scan which will reveal how effective the first two rounds of chemo have been in annihilating the cancer.)

by Ian's Goalies

TICKETS on sale NOW!

March 30
SupraSong LIVE

The Beacham Live music venue 46 North Orange Avenue
Surprise guest vocalist | Big Kettle Drum | hosted by Chris Kirkpatrick of n’Sync

Food and cash bar. Ages 12 & up
$10 entry; $50 VIP
for tickets:

April 11
Casino Night Playing with a Purpose
JW Marriott Grande Lakes
Blackjack | Roulette | Poker Tournament | Silent Auction | Prizes

$25 tickets| Door $35
$499 VIP Experience including table for 8 (limited availability)
for tickets: or call 407-238-3864

April 3, During and after school
Blood Drive

  • Dr. Phillips High School

April 19, 10am
DP vs Olympia Baseball Double Header

  • Dr. Phillips High School


  • 5K Super Hero race


by Ian's Goalies
Ian's coming home today! More details later but first, I wanted to share this poignant  message from one of Ian's most passionate friends and supporters, Dr. Lucky Meisenheimer:

Ian has already fought the cancer bravely with two rounds of chemo under his belt. The community support has been tremendous and I know uplifting to Ian and his family. Cancer is insidious and, unlike competition, there is no time clock to declare a winner. Ian has many more battles still ahead. 

As the path lengthens rallying support becomes even more important to continually remind them that they are not alone.

Doc Lucky

by Ian's Goalies

Today’s events shouldn’t have surprised me but when Jackie sent the text, “He’s being admitted…” my heart sank.

       Me: “WHYYYY?”

       JACKIE: “very weak. Has no appetite. But incredibly positive!"
                   "Still wearing that awesome smile of his!”

       Me: “God, he is dreamy”

       JACKIE: “Love of my life!!”

       Me: "Will send out call for prayer"

Yesterday was a good day; Ian ate and felt OK, albeit weak. But in the night the affliction of chemotherapy took control. I suppose that's a good thing in a crooked kind of way. Is the chemo doing what it's designed to do?

        Me and you: "God, let it be so."

Tempting as it is to visit, I urge you to call first as Ian may not be able to see visitors until he’s feeling better. Prayer and goodwill though, those need no preface.

For Ian and his family, thank you :)



by Ian's Goalies
Did you know that when we reach our goal of $85,000 for Ian the fundraiser doesn't end? Donations will continue to be counted well past the $85,000 target of which we are oh-so-close. Wouldn't it be helpful if we could hit $100,000? A lot of money on a normal day; but this is no normal day.

Ian continues to fight for his life as they remove the pump today, thus wrapping up the second round of chemotherapy. He's hurting, but not hospitalized (yet) thankfully.

When he has bloodwork done on Wednesday I'll ask you for another breath of prayer; this time for significant indicators that the treatment is working.

For Ian, his parents, and inner circle, God Bless.

by Ian's Goalies

It's been nearly four weeks since the c-word entered our community and invaded our prayers. With it a magnetic field emerged -- so powerful it created a force far greater than we could have ever imagined. Ian's parents and his inner circle of friends are awed by the support you've shown them, here on the donation site, but more importantly there, in your hearts

As we celebrate the success of Ian’s first round of chemo, the media coverage, his ability to play water polo in a heated battle with once rival, now friend -- I remind you that a new rotation of challenge begins tomorrow, Wednesday, when round 2 begins. It will be much like round one: five days of chemo, sickness, recovery. During this time I’ll ask for amped up prayers, especially early next week.



by Ian's Goalies
Men's Water Polo wins for Team Supra
by John Magrino

If you were in attendance at the YMCA Aquatic Center last night, you will never forget it and if you weren't there, we truly wish you were. After a milestone 10-9 victory over Winter Park by our Women's Water Polo team, our Men's Water Polo team took to the pool for pregame warm-ups. With five minutes left before game time, both DP and Winter Park lined up for the team introductions and as the Panthers' lineup was announced, everyone in the packed house waited in anticipation until their man of the hour was introduced: "...# 13.....IAN SUPRA!"

The largest crowd in program history erupted into a thunderous ovation as every fan in attendance, whether loyal to Dr. Phillips, Winter Park, Olympia, Freedom and everywhere else, showed their unwavering support for a young man whose fight has touched so many lives across the nation and around the globe. Cleared to play in this game by his physician just a day earlier, Supra watched...and coached...his team from the bench as they overcame an early 2-1 deficit to take a 5-4 lead at the half.

In the third quarter, DP doubled their lead on a pair of goals by Parker Sellers and Evan Staton to make it 7-5 but Winter Park battled back to tie the game at 8-8 with 4:14 left in the game. Subsequent goals by Staton and Andrew Sweet put DP back on top, 10-8, but the Wildcats wouldn't go away, scoring a critical goal at the 2:45 mark to cut the DP lead back to just one goal.

With the crowd on its feet and 1:50 left on the clock, coach Leo Ramirez looked over to his right at his senior captain and asked "Are you ready?"...and without hesitation, Ian Supra rose off the bench, removed his shirt and jumped into the pool to fight with his teammates just as they have for him.

With a deafening roar from the Blue Zoo behind them, the Panthers (2-0) withstood a furious assault, highlighted by a spectacular save from goaltender Nik Lachinski in the closing seconds, for a monumental 10-9 victory. And while there were so many solid performances, Evan Staton (six goals), Anshul Devnani (two goals), Andrew Sweet (goal, two assists, two steals), Parker Sellers (goal, three assists, two steals), Corbin Chamberlain (five steals, two assists) and Nik Lachinski (12 saves)...this night belonged to Ian Supra.

It was about a young man that refuses to be beaten and a community that loves him so much they simply will not allow it.

by Ian's Goalies

Reminder to join Ian tonight!

Dr. Phillips Water Polo is inviting EVERYONE out to the Aquatic Center Wednesday night, February 26th, for their games against state power Winter Park.

In lieu of admission, we are asking for donations to the Ian Supra Fund. The ladies will play at 7:00 pm followed by the men at 8:00.

This is always one of the best games of the year and Ian will be there to support his teammates!

Winter Park High School has already been extremely generous, collecting funds at their own tournament, and they will be bringing a great crowd as well for the cause.

Again, admission is free…just come out and show your support for TeamSupra!

by Ian's Goalies

Please show Ian your support and join us on Wednesday, 7-9pm:

      YMCA Aquatic Center, (407) 363-1911
       8422 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

DP Water Polo hosts Winter Park in a women's and men's doubleheader. Girls at 7pm; boys start at 8pm. This is more than a great's for a great cause.  In lieu of the $5.00 admission fee, we are asking instead for your donation to assist Ian Supra and his family in his fight against esophageal cancer.

See you at the pool ♥

by Ian's Goalies
Now everyone can sport their support for Ian in his official Ian Supra Donation Fund t-shirt available now at:

by Ian's Goalies

He's home!

After nearly a week in the hospital Ian was released this morning. His white blood cell count is climbing, he's back on his feet, eating and says,

          "Ready to take on Winter Park!"

He's referring to his water polo team's second season game coming up on Wednesday evening at the Aquatic Center on International Drive, open to the public. Winter Park High School, along with many in Central and South Florida, have chosen to waive the customary $5 admission in favor of donations to the Ian Supra Donation Fund. Girls game starts at 7; boys at 8pm.

Getting home was Ian's first goal of the day, and a few hours later he achieved his second goal: to make a surprise appearance at the Holy Cross Lake Mary's fundraiser. Ian was determined to be there to thank everyone in person, and play drums with the band... Check, Check!

Family friend Paulo Duartes said, "We're all just hanging around when all of a sudden, Ian, Jackie and Chris showed up. I melted. It was wonderful. Remarkable day." That's how everyone felt. What a day ♥

by Ian's Goalies
The March 1 Solar Bears tickets now available. Choose to sit in the Water Polo block; The Florida Hospital block, or anywhere in the stadium. See you on the ice!

     Water Polo block:
      $20 ticket; $7 to Ian

     Florida Hospital block:
      $20 ticket; $7 to Ian
     Outside of the block:
      $20 ticket; $7 to Ian
      $30 ticket; $10 to Ian
      $34 ticket; $10 to Ian
      $40 ticket; $9 to Ian


by Ian's Goalies
Hope you're hungry on Tuesday because 10% of all dine-in orders will be donated to IAN!

Say TEAM SUPRA when you dine-in at Burger 21 from 11:00 am to close

Burger 21
4192 Conroy Road

by Ian's Goalies
Calling all prayer warriors!

Today Ian saw his oncologist who determined it best to admit Ian into the hospital, saying 'He's going to get worse before he gets better...' Ian saw this coming yesterday so was prepared. He's strong and in good hands but needs a burst of positive energy beamed his way.


by Ian's Goalies

Supra Man Update
February 11 - 15

Ian received his first dose of chemotherapy on Tuesday. Many of you may recall Ian loves to wear tank tops (muscle shirts in his case!) so it was fitting that he'd wear a brand new tank to the hospital that featured his personal message to his unwelcome companion: $@#! Cancer

The day was long, about 10 hours before Ian was allowed to go home, but during the entire time at the hospital Ian was surrounded by a small army of his closest friends and lovely girlfriend who had skipped school in order to be by his side in a heart-warming yet energetic show of support. Although I was skeptical at first, this mass of teenage entourage turned out to be an uplifting parade of friendship that moved hospital workers to tears, and brought liveliness and fun to other patients undergoing similar treatment.

On Wednesday Jackie and Chris (Ian's parents) took him back to the hospital where a pump was attached to his port. The pump administers very small doses of very intense chemo for five days, and allows Ian to be at home instead of in-patient as originally planned.

Thursday was a day of adjusting to this new (temporary!) reality. He felt nausea and fatigue as expected, and is now on the prescribed meds to keep the nausea at bay so he can eat (and make his plan for tomorrow...).

Valentine's Day! Above all else, Ian wanted to make it special for his girlfriend; and he did. With the help of a friend, Ian got out for the first time since Tuesday to buy flowers and other surprises to give his beautiful lady a glimpse of what was in his heart... rose pedals and kisses ♥

The hardest part perhaps, about yesterday and this weekend, is knowing his teammates are all in South Florida at the Annual International Water Polo Tournament where he should be leading his team against some of the world’s best players. But if Ian were here, he'd see an unprecedented display of support. The Tournament donated custom t-shirts with 100% of proceeds going directly to Ian; flyers, banners, donations... and love, lots of it (outside of the pool of course!)

On Monday Ian will have finished his first round of chemo. From what I hear next week will be physically challenging so please keep your prayers, energy, and positive mental imagery in high-gear.

Ian is grounded in determination, positivity, and acceptance that this challenge is not for the faint of heart, nor the weak. He will fight and he will prevail.


by Ian's Goalies

February 18, 11am - close
BURGER 21,  4192 Conroy Road

  • 10% of all dine-in orders donated to The Ian Supra Donation Fund when you say,
  • "TEAM SUPRA" at the register


February 21, 3 – 8pm
CHICK-FIL-A Sand Lake Road

  • 20% of all purchases will come back to Team Supra
  • At the register say “TEAM SUPRA”

February 23
, 2 - 5pm $25 at the door
HOLY CROSS at LAKE MARY, 780 North Sun Drive, Lake Mary

  • Live Music
  • Silent Auction
  • Food
  • Beer & Wine

March 1, 7pm $20
Orlando Solar Bears vs. Kalamazoo Wings

  • Amway Center
  • Ticket sales will close February 24
  • Standby for online ticket purchase information

March 30, SAVE THE DATE!
ROCK 'n ROLL concert

  • Standby for details

April 3, During and after school
Blood Drive

  • Dr. Phillips High School

April 19, 10am
DP vs Olympia Baseball Double Header

  • Dr. Phillips High School


  • 5K Super Hero race

by Ian's Goalies
Tomorrow IT begins and we believe in 13! BRING IT. DESTRUCT IT.

So supporters: starting at 10:30 Tuesday morning (2/11) send your prayers, positive vibes, and healing energy to Ian who begins treatment at 10:30am. He'll be at Florida Hospital in Winter Park for 8 hours and I believe that those 8 hours will be filled with a continuous flow of light specifically for Ian.

Not sure what to pray? Pastor Tom Welsh offers these suggestions:
  • Health & Vitality
  • Receptivity to Medication
  • Hope & Encouragement
  • Patience & Endurance

by Ian's Goalies
Sunday February 9 at 3pm there is a prayer meeting for Ian led by pastor Tom Welch at the Meisenheimer's. Join us lakeside to pray for health and healing as Ian undergoes treatment.

6645 Lake Cane Drive
Orlando, 32819

by Ian's Goalies

More indepth look at our SupraMan and the fight

Ian Supra is an 18-year old young man attending Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando, Florida. A graduating senior who is one of the most well-loved and respected students in his school, Ian has always been the protector of the underdog, championing causes for so many others.

From volunteering with Special Olympics to leading his swimming and water polo teams to numerous championships, Ian has always been a mentor for our younger students, a leader among his peers and a pillar of strength for everyone. Charismatic, strong, intelligent, respectful, motivating, positive…these are just a few of the qualities we love about Ian and that’s why he’s earned the nickname Supraman. After years of unselfishness, Ian now needs our help.

His cancer is fierce and aggressive. In October 2013, Ian had complained of chest pains but a scan yielded neither a heart issue nor anything problematic with his surrounding organs. Less than three months later Ian began to have difficulty swallowing, necessitating a return to his doctor to examine his condition further. Wednesday, January 29th, after scopes, scans and biopsies, Ian Supra and his parents received devastating news. The diagnosis was Stage IV Esophageal Cancer that has now spread to his liver.

Esophageal Cancer is extremely rare in someone so young and healthy and that, coupled with our love for him, has triggered a torrent of emotions in our community: hurt, confusion, even anger. But Ian Supra refuses to back down.  He is a fighter and we are committed to fight with him!

Ian and his family need your help right now. He is scheduled to be admitted into the hospital to begin chemotherapy treatment February 11th here in Orlando. Your donation to TeamSupra will help Ian and his parents offset exorbitant medical expenses, allow him to participate in trial medical treatments in other cities and provide his family with a sense of normalcy during this most difficult time.

Ian Supra has never refused anyone in need. Please reach out to him in his time of need. takes NO fee from the donations. Gifts to the site are shared via WePay, or if you prefer mail to:

       Wells Fargo Bank
       7740 W. Sand Lake Road
       Orlando, FL 32819
       ATTN: The Ian Supra Donation Fund

You may also visit any Wells Fargo Bank and ask the bank teller to look for The Ian Supra Donation Fund under "confidential" if they have trouble locating the account. No deposit slip will be necessary.

DP Strong #teamsupra!

John Magrino, M.Ed
Administrative Dean

Dr. Phillips High School

DPHS Athletics<>
Twitter @PantherZone



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