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He’s home and feeling good, but there's more on the horizon

Ian and his parents returned home from Pittsburg last week after a successful surgery to remove 2/3 of his esophagus, a portion of the upper stomach, and the addition of a new surgical connection, or anastomosis. He left there after about 3 weeks with a slew of new friends (or fans more like it). He’s home and recovering at Supra-speed, but…

Although the surgery went absolutely as well as could be expected, of the 31 lymph nodes removed, several revealed microscopic cancer cells, and, there is a small indication on his liver. This is not entirely unexpected. Jackie, Ian's mom, has talked to at least one new friend who was in the same situation 17 years ago who now lives a normal, cancer-free life. In other words, hope prevails! And, despite the news that four more rounds of chemo are on the near horizon, Ian remains steadfast with the same vigor that’s carried him this far.

Since his diagnosis in January he's been in an excruciating fight of a lifetime; yet Ian Supra never stopped living up to his potential. He maintained his grades to graduate on time; he applied and was accepted to UCF where he'll start classes next year; he's directed our attention to others in need, and taught us that community matters and neighbors really can love one another.

Chemo will be administered in Orlando after August 4th under the collaborative direction of Dr. Zehngebot at Florida Hospital and Ian's oncologist from University of Pittsburg. For the time being though, Ian’s enjoying the summer jamming with friends and planning a swim with the dolphins at Discovery Cove!

He has persevered so much so far, with more on the horizon. I hope you’ll join me in lending community support and financial aid as we introduce the next round of fundraising.  

Funds raised will offset Ian's ongoing, massive medical expenses; permit collaborative treatment options beyond Orlando, and offer reprieves between excruciating treatments.



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