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Support Ray Kennedy and his family

$26,119raised of $50,000 goal

Organizer: Liz Wolfe Beneficiary: The Family of Ray Kennedy

Ray Kennedy is one of the best jazz pianists of his time, yet can no longer play since being diagnosed with MS. We are asking his many fans and friends to support Ray and his family with donations.

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Ray Kennedy is a husband, father, and friend to many.  He is also a jazz pianist that the New York Times once described as "making music that wore an ear-to-ear grin. It made you want to jump for joy.”  Ray recorded over 100 jazz albums and has played with and inspired top jazz musicians the world over.

Sadly, Ray was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and is no longer able to play.  This fundraiser has been created to support Ray, his wife and their two young daughters, aged 10 and 12.  They face high health care costs not covered by health insurance, and Ray now needs full-time care.

Ray’s wife Eve is caring for Ray, her daughters, and her parents.  Please give generously to this family during this difficult time.  Thank you for your support.

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by Liz Wolfe
Ray has returned to Roosevelt Hospital, but it appears that this stay won't be so long. David, his aide says he is doing well today. 

by Liz Wolfe
Ray is currently in the hospital.  We hope he will be coming home soon!





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